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What is an email template builder?


Email template builder will quickly allow you to campaign and send a smooth mail to your subscribers. It saves you a lot of time as the underlying code is already written. It is one of the popular ways that businesses use for marketing and reaching out to clients. 

List of 10 best email template builder of 2019

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There are several options that you can choose from. Listed below are few email template builders: 

  • – In the next generation tool, this HTML email template builder is considered to be the best kind. This is an independent product. One added benefit it has a blog on tips for building effective selling templates. It also has interactive elements, and some articles consist of marketing trends. It has various predesigned templates around 300 types, and multiple images are available too. It also has a drag and drop feature. This template enables you which element to be displayed and what needs to be hidden on mobile devices.


  • Campaign monitor – This template is easy to use in today’s fast-growing business as it has an automation feature. It is mobile-friendly. They offer around 50 predesigned templates.


  • Mailchimp – This template is known to be the best solution for small businesses.  Around 100 templates they offer. The specialty of this feature is it allows us to share through social options that only a few editors have that. They give you the ability to customize your email and even have 40 kinds of decorative font. You can build tools and add countdown timers in emails.


  • Taxi for email – Their blog consists of digital marketing in general as well as email marketing. It has a unique feature as a translator. You can translate your mail in a few other languages too. You can add and save 10 colleagues to send a test mail. 


  • Get response – If you are a webinar host, this template is considered to be the best tool. They have the feature of providing you with your attendees’ statistics and even ask for feedback. They will also send the invitation, sequence of reminders. This blog is convenient for marketing trends and consists of useful articles. They offer around 500 predesigned templates. You can even build the templates from scratch and make changes accordingly. 


  • Mailstyler2 – This is an offline responsive email template. You can download the tool and work later. This particular tool does not have any blog for instruction design. You can watch their videos on how to use their tool. They offer only 8 predesigned templates. 


  • Mosaico – This is an open-source template; hence, it is freely available. Their blog is not regularly updated, but you may find some useful information such as email clients and mosiaco releases.


  • BEE Free – It is an online drag and drop tool. It has around 200 predesigned templates. It is embedded in SaaS applications. Their blog offers new design ideas.


  • Chamaileon – They have a new drag and drop feature. Its blog consists of email marketing, email design ideas, and tends too. It offers more than 100 email templates. You can add and save your colleagues’ email addresses so that you can send test emails.


  • – It is an HTML email template as well as has drag and drop feature. It offers 7 pre-designed templates.


You have many options to choose from one of the best email templates. You can also refer to the Designmodo email builder for more options.