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Enhance Your Fantastic Amber Eyes With Proper Makeup

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Eyes are the mirrors of your soul no matter the color, at least that is how the proverb goes. However, there is always something special to learn about when it comes to particular eyeshades. Do you know what the rarest eye color of all is? The answer is – amber ones.

They say that amber eyes are the wolf eyes. This shouldn’t scare you since wolves are the loyal and proud animals that some people can even learn from. It is said that those who have amber-hued eyes are highly social but reserved and confident people.

The truth is that some may easily mistake amber and hazel eyes, but there is a strict line where you learn to distinguish one colour from another. Amber-coloured eyes are pure gold and warmth, while hazel eyes contain just a glimpse of that. It is true that each shade has its own peculiar beauty, and all of need not to envy each other. It is best to learn how to enhance your eyes accordingly to the colour. As you may have already guessed today, we are going to talk about the best ways to embrace the amber hue to the fullest extent!

Dark Purple Outline

To be honest, there is rarely an eye shade that purple hues do not compliment. The truth is that amber ones are clearly not the exception. However, you should keep in mind the fact that dark purple is your best friend when you desire to bring out the tempting greenish specks in your eyes. You can easily experiment with dark purple eyeshadow or eyeliner.

The effect will be as ravishing, you can trust us on that. Those of you who do not like dark shades can play around with light purple, but you should be ready to embrace the dramatic effect your experiment may result in!

Aqua Shades For Amber Eyes

We are going to open up a small secret here – aqua shades are super tricky. Whether you noticed or not but not all the eye colours go well with this tone. Those of you with amber eyes can benefit from that greatly since unlike all the others you can easily sport the shade. It doesn’t really matter matte, shimmery shades, or eyeliner you are going for – you can pull them all off! Nevertheless, we would advise you to start with underlining your eyes with aqua liner and then move forward to conquer the next level – eyeshadow.

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Gold and Bronze Tones

We have mentioned it that amber is the colour of sun and gold, or as some say – the colour of good whiskey. So are all the gold and bronze tones. If you think about it for a while it may seem that using the makeup of the same hue as your eyes would be not the wisest idea. That is where you are wrong! Amber-coloured eyes look simply fabulous in gold as well as bronze colours, and it does not matter whether matter or metallic ones you prefer. To sum it up – you can never ever go wrong with bronze hues paired with amber ones.

Silver Metallic For Honey Eyes

We know how trendy metallic colours are at the moment as well as we are fully aware that not all ladies can flawlessly pull the shades off. The amber-eyed beauties among you can and should! Even though silver is the cold hue and amber is the warm one, the match they make seems to be created in heaven. Try it out once, and you will see what we are driving at!

Baby Pinks For Neutral Makeup

It is only natural that you can’t sport dramatic makeup on a regular basis, no matter how mesmerizing your eyes are. There are times when something gentler and more neutral is required. In times like this we advise you go for a pink colour. However, you should be careful enough not to play around with bright pinks, use lighter ones instead.
The Skin Tone Matters
We should admit that amber eyes come with many skin tones and complexions, while the listed above makeup tips don’t. It is great to dress your eyes in dark purple, but if you are too pale, just imagine the whole look! See what we are hinting at? You should think of your makeup as a whole even though you want to show off the eye colour the most.

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