Hilarious moment students stop car to apologise to pedestrian they soaked and get a lecture and their cash snatched


HILARIOUS video shows two students bitterly regretting stopping their car to apologise to a pedestrian they accidentally splashed.

The well-meaning pair are given a ferocious reprimand by the man who castigates them for not slowing down.

But things get worse as the victim of the accident demands cash to clean his clothes before snatching a £5 note and storming off, still grumbling.

Ethan Taylor, 20, and his pal Lachlann Ross were driving in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, on Saturday morning when they accidentally splashed the pedestrian.

Lachlann, also 20, posted the footage to social media the same day with the caption: “Ethan just soaked someone n stopped to apologise. THE MIDDLE PEDAL.”

Lachlanns original post on Twitter.

The video starts with Ethan saying: “I genuinely didn’t mean it, I am sorry. I am sorry mate.”

The older man responds “Well this is going to cost six or seven quid to get dry cleaned.”

Ethan says: “That’s fine, mate, have you got a bank and I will transfer you the money?”

The man snaps back: “No, never mind banks. Cash or the police – it’s up to yourself.”

Ethan opens his wallet and says: “Right, I’ve got five there. I am sorry mate, I’ve got a fiver I’m sorry.”

The man then says: “Why did you no just slow down? That’s what the brakes are for?”

He then raises his hand and points to Ethan’s feet, saying: “Middle pedal, the middle pedal.”

As Ethan continues to apologise, the man snatches the £5 note and stomps off, warning: “Right, on you go, but I’m telling you I am still putting your name in.”

The old man snatches the £5 from the two lads.

@francisco_090 responded: “That auld chestnut of ‘dry cleaners’ – he’s straight in to buy ale.”

@CMcelhill said: “Some boy for stopping and apologising.”

@RichieMaher also said: “Bit a water fs. A thought he crashed at first. Burst out laughing when he said this’ll cost about 6 or 7 quid.”

@Carloz_90 posted: “Hahaha he wasn’t leaving without some form of cash for the costly damages lol.”

@worhoose tweeted: “The auld fella must have a racket going on…standing next to puddles and effectively mugging drivers.”

Speaking today, Lachlann has said: “We turned a corner which had a massive puddle, almost the size of the road, in which we accidentally soaked the man who we never saw until after we turned the corner, we stopped immediately after realising we soaked him, he then came over to the car fuming so I decided to record.”

Lachlann expressed his disdain for the two paying up: “Looking back he was eventually going to wash his clothes anyway so I don’t see why he wanted money, besides, does he not have a washing machine, it wasn’t even a suit or anything, he was wearing brown jeans and a jacket.”

“The old guy shouldn’t have acted the way he did, or took the money, an apology should have been enough in my opinion, but some people are just crabbit.”