Showboating biker bungles a wheelie and sprawls on road in hilarious video


THE moment a showboating biker bungles a wheelie and ends up sprawled on the road has been captured on camera.

The hilarious clip shows the rider desperately trying to keep in control of his motorbike as the manoeuvre goes badly wrong.

With his tail between his legs the man picks up the green bike and drives away.

The incident happened in Swansea on Friday evening, and was captured on dashcam by James Lewis.

James posted the footage on Facebook the following day saying: “Check out this in St Thomas.”

The clip shows the man riding the green motorbike which stopped behind James’ car.

The man drives through the gap between James’ car and the one behind him as the rider looks to make a U-turn. The rider can be seen revving the engine as he twists his wrist multiple times on the accelerator handle.

The motorcyclist rides on. However, James’ rear dash cam captures the man holding onto both handles and running across the road as he tries to regain control of the motorbike in a failed wheelie attempt.

The show-off then crashes to the ground as the powerful bike comes to a painful stop.

The man quickly gets back up and rides his bike down the road with his pride severely dented.

The bike rider seconds before hitting the road.

The video has since been viewed over 700,000 times. Many in the comments found the incident all to funny.

Helen Hunter said: “Made my day! T***!”

Gineene Redburn added: “Bet he felt a right t***.”

Rhys Chav wrote: “Stick to a push bike.”

Ross Williams said: “Tremendous.”

Amy Whitney added: “The more you watch it, the funnier it gets.”

Christine Evans wrote: “What a turnip made my morning.”