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UncategorizedACE Money Transfer Global Remittance Event – Focus on Preventing Money Laundering

ACE Money Transfer Global Remittance Event – Focus on Preventing Money Laundering

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On September 22, 2019, ACE Money Transfer hosted the GLOBAL REMITTANCE EVENT in Manchester, the UK that mainly focused on the negative effects of money laundering in a civilized society. The event brings together Usman Dar (Special Adviser to The Prime Minister of Pakistan), special guest, Abid Chohan (Lord Mayor, Manchester), and several other respectable attendants. The perspective of this event is to educate the compliance professionals and thought leaders with best practices of legal money transfer. Also, this event was the bridge of communication between the customers and money transfer services to send money to Pakistan and other countries.

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ACE from the view of Officials: 

Usman Dar: 

Foreign remittances have been increased from $ 20 Billion to $22 Billion; I was astonished to see that Aftab Currency exchange (ACE) has 95 offices in Europe, their full presence in Europe, and sharing nearly about $400 million foreign remittances to Pakistan.” He thanked the ACE money transfer for providing the best services and helping Pakistan for controlling the money laundering. 

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CLLR Abid Latif ——Lord Mayor of Manchester: 

“ACE is holding this event today to help raise the awareness of immigrants all over the world. Who has made their home in master of safe and legal ways to transfer money to families back at home, many of you will be aware of the problem of money laundering and its effect that it has on all the countries involved? It is up to all of us to ensure that we use reputable companies for our financial transactions. I’d like to thank ACE for breaking this important issue to the public attention.”

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CEO Message: 

“One of our customers who has been registered since 2002, he is still sending money with us. This is our retention rate, this our loyalty.” 

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Director ACE Money Transfer:  

We have an existence in 95 countries and we are offering payout from 275,000 locations globally. We are working on improving and also we have established features like Bill payments, Mobile top-ups etc. 

In short, ACE Money Transfer is working stimulus to make the currency flow neat and clean. We deliver remittances without any issue as it is important for every country. PM Imran Khan Agenda’s in Pakistan is also to eliminate the money laundering and put a clean remittance experience for the people of Pakistan. In the same for every country, ACE Money Transfer is offering a better and reliable money transferring experience. 

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Money laundering – An illegal process of concealing the origins of money earned illegally

The organizers, chief guest Usman Dar, special guest Abid Chohan, and other attendants described the importance of money transfer between countries. Additionally, it was stated that money laundering is the illegal process of concealing the origins of money earned illegally. Many individuals try to pass it through a complex sequence of transfers through banks and financial institutions. In the past, every event of ACE Money Transfer shared real-world insight on critical topics like money laundering, customer due diligence, regulations & sanctions, and guidance to address emerging challenges in the money transfer industry. Moreover, the attendants discussed the latest trends and strategies of online money transfer to make this world economically stable.

ACE Money Transfer Has a Proven Record of Fast and Secure Money Transfers

ACE Money Transfer is a global partner of several well-known banks as well as financial institutions worldwide. The company has a proven history of providing fast and secure money transfer services to valued customers. Mr Dar and the rest of the attendants admired the efforts of ACE Money Transfer and called this event a forward step to bring significant benefits in the world economy.

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