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Hilarious video shows mum screaming at chip shop staff for “pushing” her boy out – even though he was smoking

HILARIOUS video shows a chip shop customer waiting for his takeaway as a screaming mum has a meltdown at staff.

Ryan Ali films himself trying to keep a straight face as the mum complains her “disability boy” son was kicked out for refusing to stop smoking inside the chippy.

The senior account manager captured the bizarre outburst at Tony’s Takeaway in Hawick, Scottish Borders, on Monday.

The 21-year-old uploaded the clip to Twitter later that day saying: “Wee man was smoking in the chippy, and refused to move.

“So the owner then pushed him out. Next thing he does is phone his mum to come.”

The video picks up at the moment Ryan, from Hawick, waits for his takeaway in the shop as he points the camera at his own face.

An argument ensues as the mother of the boy, can be heard shouting: “What gives you the right… to f****** hit a disability boy! What gives you the right!”

The mother continues to rant: “So you pushed him! So you’re going to let him hit a young f***** kid with disabilities?

“I know he’s done wrong, I get that, and I totally understand that, but what gives him the right to touch a f***** kid!”

Ryan can be seen stroking his chin in what appears to be a bid to mask his smirk as the awkward situation escalates.

A shop worker is then heard saying to the mother: “Don’t be a wido.” This infuriates the mother who barks back: “Dinnae you f****** tell me to be a wido. The worker responds: “Don’t be a wido.”

Ryan was waiting for his order when the spat occurred. Image: Ryan Ali

At this point the teen argues his case and says to the shop workers: “What did I do wrong. Tell my mum what I did wrong. I’m being civil with you right.”

The teenager starts explaining his side of the story and says to the worker: “You came up and proper like boom!” Meanwhile Ryan eventually receives his chippy and starts to leave the premise.

The worker arguing with the duo says to the boy: “What did you call me.” The boy answers: “A dafty!” However, the worker has a different recollection of events and says: “A b***end.”

The teen erupts in anger and snarls back: “No I never called you a b**end you lying little p****.”

Ryan leaves the chip shop still filming as he captures the audio from the argument whilst walking down the street.

The boy can be heard saying: “Come and push me in front of my mum now. No he’s a f***** Paki little c**.” Ryan points the camera at his face and gives an estranged look.

The clip has been viewed over 69,000 times with many in the comments finding the incident hilarious.

@DJ_Soleman said: “This needs subtitles for those not from Hawick.”

@Alanemond added: “Hawick at it again!”

@Reece_piggot wrote: “They didn’t sound very happy eh.”

@TheRangersBear said: “A “disability boy” phones his mam because he got launched out [of] a chippy for smoking.”

Many in the comments found the incident funny. Images: Ryan Ali

Ryan today said he started filming the incident because he felt the way the mother and son acted was disrespectful.

He said: “The argument started because a boy started smoking in the shop and the owner forcefully removed him. He then called his mother down.

“He was smoking inside, and was asked to move by the owners but he refused. Can I clarify the boy refused to move before he was forcefully removed for smoking.

“The boy walked out of the shop to phone his mum when he was thrown out then came back in when his mother arrived. I was shocked when the mother started shouting at the owner.

“I videoed it because I thought it was a disrespectful thing for a young boy to do, and the way the mother acted.

“I put it online for everyone to see how not act.”

Tony’s Takeaway declined to comment.

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