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Moment unlucky driver spins like top after hitting deer and is then almost rear-ended by speeding “b***end” in BMW

DRAMATIC video shows an unlucky motorist spin out of control after hitting a deer – and then almost get rear-ended by a car speeding up behind,

The accident happened at night on a dual carriageway and the lights of the car can be seen spinning like a top after the impact.

Seconds after coming to rest, a high-speed smash is narrowly avoided as another motorist who refuses to slow down almost hits the wreckage.

Neil Haste, from Gosport, Hampshire, captured the dramatic incident on the A34 near Newbury in Hampshire on October 9.

Neil, 51, and a light goods vehicle driver, uploaded the shocking clip to Facebook on October 9 captioned with: “Young lad lost it after hitting a deer, then a b***end came along and nearly wiped him out.

“There were four or more cars behind me all slowing and following my example of hazards on. Not knowing the state of what happened I was preparing to fend off when I saw him coming.

“Damage to his car was a scratch from the young lads buckled wing, lucky barsteward.”

One user wrote under Neil’s post saying: “What a p****. Lucky no one was standing on the road.”

Another added: “We call the A34 ‘death valley’ due to the number of deer being killed, massive over-population and over growing roadside/embankments are bad news. As for the stupidity of the driver.”

(C) Neil Haste

One wrote: “Bloody idiot, couldn’t he see the two cars in front of him. You obviously are braking hard and I think I saw your emergency blinkers go off as well.

“The other car in front with emergency blinkers on as well and still driving like a complete k***.”

Speaking today Neil said: “I was just glad I didn’t have to watch a life slowly ebb away as we waited for an ambulance and that the BMW didn’t cause more carnage.

“The young lad in the Clio went past me and in the distance I could see his lights spinning around. I initially braked quite hard but eased off as overbraking an LGV is not recommended.

“As I got closer the amount of debris initially made me think that the accident was severe. This and the fact the car was in the overtaking (lane 2 of 2) lane I decided to use my vehicle to fend off other road users to avoid further accidents.

(C) Neil Haste

“As I started to manoeuvre the lights of what turned out to be a BMW 1 Series were approaching very fast indeed, I stopped my progress across the carriageway and watched  whilst he executed an emergency stop and swerved around the Clio.

“The Clio’s driver was out of the car when I approached and myself and another gentleman helped him to the side of the carriageway.

“He was fine but badly shaken, and I made the decision to move my lorry to block just lane 2 and turn on as many lights on as possible.

“At some point the BMW driver came over and it was some 40 minutes later that it transpired that he had hit the Clio. I was less than pleased as having talked to him I had said how lucky he was and the collision was not mentioned.”

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