Scotmid clear shelves of monkey nuts after revolted customer finds maggots crawling in snack


SCOTMID have cleared their shelves of monkey nuts and launched an investigation after a customer posted revolting video of maggots crawling over her snack.

Stacey Barr, who captured the horrible footage, shared the clips onto her Facebook page on Saturday night after buying the nuts from her local Scotmid, in Fauldhouse, West Lothian.

The beauty consultant, 33, captioned her post: “Don’t buy the monkey nuts from the Scotmid in Fauldhouse.”

She said: “I bought a bag today and while eating them tonight I found these in amongst them.

“I’m all for extra protein but this takes the p***.”

Staceys Facebook post outlined her disgust at finding the creepy crawlies

Stacey’s footage shows a maggot wriggling about in the plastic bowl she poured the monkey nuts into.

Another clip shows a maggot crawling up the inside of the bag which contained the monkey nuts.

Speaking today, Stacey has also said that the next morning more maggots had made an appearance in the tub.

“The next morning I checked the bag again to see if it was just the two that I had seen but there were loads of them popping out of the shells.

“There must have been at least 15 plus, it’s put me off nuts now.”

Louise Lamond commented: “That’s rank.”

Stacey Taylor said: “Omg that’s disgusting.”

Samantha Gallacher said: “Actually going to vomit!!! That is horrible.”

Linda Taylor said: “Make sure you take this the whole way, an apology is not acceptable. What if the kids had got them?”

Speaking today, Stacey said: “It was horrific, I was just sitting relaxing with my bag of nuts. When I opened one something fell out and that’s when I noticed the maggot in the tub, to be honest if I hadn’t been paying attention then I think it would have been a lot worse.”

“I chucked them out straight away, especially because I have two young kids.”

“If the kids had got them, I would be knocking down doors.”

A Scotmid spokesman said: “We sincerely apologise to Ms Barr for the upset experienced by the product purchased at our Fauldhouse store and she has subsequently been offered and accepted a goodwill gesture.

“As soon as this situation was brought to our attention via social media on Saturday evening, our compliance team initiated an urgent investigation into the issue with the product’s supplier.

“We’re still awaiting the outcome from that investigation and until we are totally satisfied that the quality of the product meets our standards then they will remain off the shelves of our stores. Although we believe it was an isolated incident, the product will remain unavailable until the conclusion of the investigation.”