Tesco shopper films “microwave safe” container warped out of recognition after 60 seconds in oven


A TESCO shopper has posted hilarious footage which shows how her “microwave safe” container warped into a crazy shape after 60 seconds in the oven.

Robyn Tozer insists she followed all the instructions for the £3 Klipfresh container but ended up having to throw away her homemade curry and get a takeaway.

The 25-year-old, who works as a stud hand in Newmarket, Suffolk, posted the footage to Tesco’s Facebook page on Thursday.

Tesco today insisted the product is safe for use in Microwaves and suggested Robyn had ignored the instruction to remove or loosen the lid.

In the video, Robyn can be heard saying: “So this tub is supposed to be microwaveable safe.

“For temperatures between -20°C and 120°C”

She stifles her laughter before zooming in on the Tesco Klipfresh’s label, which reads: “Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.”

She then lifts up the tub to reveal that the underside has been completely warped.

She snorts with laughter as she spins the container around to show a huge dent in the bottom.

To make matters worse, Robyn says she was forced to ditch her homemade curry after the lid got stuck and shell out for a takeaway.

The container was unusable after the incident

A disgruntled Robyn took to Facebook to complain to Tesco.

She posted the video with the caption: “Don’t believe everything you read, this clearly isn’t microwave safe.”

Speaking today, she said: “I did find it very funny, as you can tell I was in hysterics, but after it sunk in, literally, I was left hungry and devastated.”

“I had loosened the lid, taken it off and placed it back on at an angle and put in the microwave.

“The lid must have slipped back on. I heard like a spitting and hissing sound coming from the microwave. I opened the door and saw that the bowl was just melting.

Robyn initially saw the funny side but said she felt it could be dangerous

“I’ve been reimbursed for the price of the bowl, however was still left out of pocket due to the inconvenience of this happening.

“It could have been a lot worse had I have not heard the noises coming from the microwave. It may have exploded as it was plastic.”

Tesco have since refunded Robyn the £3 cost of the container.

A Tesco spokesman said: “All Klipfresh food storage containers are microwave safe and there are clear instructions that state the lid must be loosened or removed before being heated up in the microwave.

“The video shows that unfortunately the lid is still on.”