Flying carpet – “N**head” driver filmed doing 70mph on dual carriageway with 13ft rug tied to roofrack


AN idiot driver has been caught on camera racing at 70mph on a dual carriageway – with a 13ft length of carpet hanging off the roof.

The motorist, apparently desperate to dodge a delivery charge, was spotted on the A590 near A590 near Greenodd, Cumbria.

The carpet, which is around the same length as his Nissan Juke, seems to be flimsily attached with a piece of rope.

And the carpet is sticking out into the next lane, posing a very real danger to other road users.

The clip, filmed on Thursday, is accompanied by a disbelieving commentary from Darren Clee, who was driving behind.

Darren, from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, uploaded the footage with the caption: “How stupid. What the f*** is this guy thinking?”

The shocking clip begins with Darren in his van following the black car with the carpet on its roof.

The driver then brakes and cuts into the second lane of the roundabout  before moving back to the first lane.

The black car then reaches the dual carriageway and slowly begins to increase its speed before reaching the national speed limit as signed.

The carpet can be seen tilting up and down around the point where it has been lashed to the roofrack (C) Darren Clee

Throughout the clip, the carpet can be seen tilting up and down around the point where it has been lashed to the roofrack.

One of the men can be heard commenting about the “stupid”[ity] of the driver saying: “Who are they? That’s f***** mental. How mental is that I hope the f***** police pull him.

“That’s just mad in it.  I’d put the f***** in the back of me van for him. Look how fast they are going.”

The clip finishes with the black car speeding away at 70 miles per hour.

Darren said in the comments: “The best part is we flashed him to pull over. To help him and he speeds off easy doing 70.”

One user wrote under Darrens’ post: “Looks like a new sport – car carpet jousting.”

Another added: “N**head.”

One user said: “F****** hell I seen it all now.”

Another wrote: “Wow I never believed in flying carpets till now.”

Cumbria Police said they could not find any record of the incident in their logs.