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Rubber mulch surfaces are unique solution to tyre waste


You may be contemplating putting fresh tyres on your car or truck and normally this would mean the old set of tires end up in the garbage or dump.

However, entrepreneurs across the world have been using some creative thinking for worn-out tire tread. They believe that a change of tyres would not be the end of the life cycle of the tyre. 

It has previously been used as padding on a handful of playgrounds. However, the use of rubber mulch has spread largely.

Since its inception, the use of rubber mulch has seen an increase in popularity.

Image: Jon Tyson on Unsplash

It would be pertinent to mention here that rubber mulch has been keeping the kids, businesses, and yards safe from harm.

Rubber mulch has been doing better than its wood counterpart.

Benefits of rubber mulch 

Apart from the various safety benefits offered, rubber could be utilized in several projects ranging from construction to large-scale landscaping projects.

There would be numerous additional benefits inclusive of as follows: 


  • Cost-effective 


Despite the rubber mulch costing more upfront, it would be relatively cheaper in the long run. The major reason would be it cannot degrade similar to wood mulch or other available natural alternatives. 


  • Lack of absorbing water 


The inability of the rubber mulch to absorb water enables surfaces topped with rubber mulch to retain adequate moisture.

It enables fertilizer and water to reach the soil underneath. 


  • Inability to take root 


You should rest assured that pests, insects, and unwanted weeds find it relatively difficult to take root in the rubber mulch. 


  • Requires less maintenance 


Compared to wood, rubber mulch lasts longer and needs less maintenance.


  • Weatherproof 


Mostly, rubber mulch is weatherproof. It has been popular to fight hazardous weather conditions such as thunderstorms, snowstorms, and hurricanes. 

Some concerns for rubber mulch 

Rubber mulch has been in the firing range in the recent past about long-time exposure to the chemicals used for making tyres that may be harmful to pets, ground, and children.

However, until date, there have been no specific studies indicating rubber mulch posing a significant threat or being toxically hazardous.

You should rest assured that rubber mulch has been completely safe by all means. 

However, there would be several overlooked aspects of rubber mulch. The foremost would be about the manufacturing of rubber mulch, which is from recycled tires.

It’s important to note that rubber mulch has been of great assistance in the reduction of worldwide carbon footprint.

This can be done by a rubber mulch installer. This would use anything that had once ended up in the landfills or burnt in dangerous tire fires.

It’s be recycled into safe and usable resources in cities and towns alike suitable to your specific needs. 

Rubber mulch is one of the exciting innovations offered by recycled tires.