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UncategorizedWhat is the impact of health insurance for our future?

What is the impact of health insurance for our future?

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The worst happens. When it does, having insurance can be the make or break between a healthy, happy future or months and years of misery, pain and ruin. 

Health insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, but with prices ever rising, the NHS struggling year on year and wages stagnating, finding adequate cover and being able to provide for yourself and your family can be a massive stress, so getting this sorted now could be a huge weight off your mind. 

After all, who knows when the next accident could strike, and if you’ve not made adequate preparations and don’t have anything to back you up, you could fall short and need emergency cash UK or abroad. 

The importance of health insurance

It’s no lie that the NHS is getting slowly worse every year. An influx of new patients, the slowly ageing population and less funds being put in means that it’s slowly but surely failing. 

Plus, despite being a social healthcare net, there’s a lot of procedures that aren’t covered by standard NHS budgets, especially if you’re looking for longer term care or a higher level of care.

Private healthcare is generally significantly better across the board, with a higher level of service, a better quality of care and better outcomes all round.

Especially when compared directly to the NHS, private healthcare is better across every single metric, and patients undergoing treatment under private healthcare have better outcomes all round, which we will see later, which means that private healthcare can sometimes be worth spending the extra money on, even if you need emergency cash, UK or otherwise. 

But private healthcare, especially long term, is incredibly expensive. 

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Enter health insurance

According to reports, a large number of employees in the UK understand the importance of health cover, especially those with pre-existing conditions. 

Whilst employers are supposedly open and fair about health issues, many employees would rather that their health issues, if any, are not known by their employers, fearing repercussions. 

But more than this, the benefits of health insurance are manifold, and include:

  • Shorter waiting times, and less time spent on waiting lists compared to the NHS
  • Higher quality facilities
  • Quicker diagnoses
  • The choice of who are where you are treated
  • The choice of appointments

What does health insurance cover?

Health insurance generally covers almost anything that could fall under the aegis of healthcare. 

This might include surgical procedures, drugs for short and long term, hospital care or home care.

It’s always worth checking your cover, because some cover might make mention of differences in inpatient and outpatient care.

Inpatient means it covers hospital stays and visits, and is generally covered. Outpatient visits might include specialists and consultants in specific areas, and might not be covered. 

Health insurance generally does not cover existing conditions, chronic conditions, Accident and Emergency visits, drugs, or pregnancies. 

Paying for health insurance without needing emergency cash: UK residents

Health insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are a range of options for different health levels and levels of risk.

In general, the earlier you get covered, the better. Coverage will be cheaper over the cost of your lifetime, and emergency coverage keeps you safe no matter what might bring.

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