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Pennyfoolish: Moment man dressed as “evil” clown gets his balloon popped by raging mum

BIZARRE footage show a furious mum pop the balloon of a man apparently dressed as Pennywise the clown.

In the video 44-year-old Louise Pinhorne from Waterlooville, Portsmouth, can be seen using her earring to pop the man’s red balloon before giving him a stern telling off.

The altercation on Tuesday in a Portsmouth Poundland shop happened after man, who claimed he was dressed up for charity, allegedly left children in tears.

As the video begins, the man seemingly dressed as Pennywise from the hit Stephen King adaption “It”, is seen silently walking towards Louise.

She calmly approaches him and asks: “Why are you scaring little kids?” before producing the earring and popping the balloon.

(C) Niamh Caswell

Louise, who is having none of it, shouts back: “I don’t care” as the man continues to follow her around the shop.

The man then huffs: “Do you know how many people were having a laugh today? And you’ve come and f***** it all up for everyone else.”

The scene was captured by 18-year-old Niamh Caswell, a student from Waterlooville.

She took to social media to share the bizarre exchange.

She posted the clip with the caption: “All going down in Waterlooville today lads.”

The post, which has since clocked up more than 3,000 likes online, has people singing Louise’s praises.

Laura Lou commented: “Good on her.”

Jonny Lucas added: “It’s not funny is it.”

And @Peacheyyyyy said: “Good on her, sad gimp.”

Other people also claimed to have been scared by the man.

Megan Amy Wallis said: “This guy followed me just before I got to work today, absolutely s*** myself!”

And Paige Mayzes posted a photo of the clown and adding: “Walked into my shop too.”

(C) Niamh Caswell

Speaking today, Niamh said: “He was walking round Waterlooville and had come up to me and my mum while we were running a couple errands.

“Not going to lie, he was actually really creepy and intimidating.

“While we were queuing to pay he walked towards us through the exit and was getting really up close and personal.

“He then walked around the shop and was scaring me, let alone the little kids.

“A couple of them were crying, but most just like stared at him really scared. Most parents took them away or were trying to distract them.

“I started videoing to show my boyfriend and then the woman stepped forward and started shouting at him.

“They went outside and members of the public had a go at him for about a half hour. his excuse was that it’s for charity although no bucket.

“He later went back to Waterlooville and continued scaring people.”

Local party suppliers The Pink Party Shop told a local newspaper: “The man called us up and asked if we sold red balloons.

“He then came in to the shop and bought a red balloon.

“He said he was doing something for charity and we thought he looked great in his costume so we took a photo and put it on social media.”

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