Teen takes revenge on fridge-raiding, “fat b****” sister with spoof of noughties anti-piracy advert


A HILARIOUS video shows how a teenager took revenge on her fridge-raiding older sister by recreating a famous anti-piracy advert.

Jae Scott, 16, was fed up with Lauren repeatedly stealing her food including her favourite yoghurt.

So Jae, from Ayr, decided to shame her 21-year-old sibling, taking inspiration from the noughties cinema ads “Piracy, it’s a crime”.

Lauren herself shared the clip on social media, admitting: “Ate ma wee sister’s yoghurt and am sent this.”

She added: “In ma defence ma mum said a could.”

The video shows Jae putting sunglasses over her eyes whilst the music from the famous ad campaign plays in the background.

The words: “You wouldn’t steal a CD player” then pop up on the screen with a black background, imitating the advert.

Jae is then seen taking a CD player and walking away into a door

This is followed by: “You wouldn’t steal a computer keyboard” appearing before Jae is captured taking the item, looking into the camera and walking away into the same door.

(C) Jae Scott

The text: “You wouldn’t steal someone’s purse” then appears before she is seen pretending to steal someone’s pursue off them.

The final shot shows inside the fridge with a text written across the video.

It says: “So why do you steal my food out of the fridge you fat b****?

“I spent my hard earned money on that for you to eat it all. Hope you’re happy.”

The video has also received more than 30,000 likes and hundreds of comments from Twitter users.

Siance Howell-Pratt said: “Gonna do this so everyone doesn’t steal my clementine juice.”

Caine Wilson commented: “Absolute incredible response and yes, this is you 100%.”

Kirsten Weir said: “Omg I love it.”

Replying to someone who commented on the piece, Lauren felt the need to defend herself.

She said: “Ken what the best of it is Jamie bought me Thorntons chocolates and she f****** ate the majority of them.”

Jae (left) with sister Lauren (right)

Speaking today, Jae explained her mum “always covers” for her older sister.

She said: “I went downstairs to get my Activia granola yoghurt and it was missing.

“I asked my mum where is it and she always covers for lauren so she said unhelpfully “i don’t know.”

“I texted Lauren saying ‘you stole my yoghurt’ three times and she didn’t reply, so to get the message across i made this video.

“That definitely gave her the message that I was angry.

“She always steals my food it has been an ongoing trauma.

“She will never take the hint not to steal my food.”