Workman’s nerves shredded as prankster hilariously ambushes him with demented screams


A HILARIOUS set of videos show a workman’s nerves being shredded by a colleague who ambushes him – with demented screaming.

The victim is screamed at as he snoozes, works, and even as he tries to get a few minutes’ peace in a toilet cubicle.

Each time the prankster, Paul Mcmanus, unleashes a blood-curdling, ear-splitting shriek which produces sheer terror in his target.

(C) Paul Mcmanus

Paul posted the video to Facebook yesterday where it has received more than 38,000 views.

His niece, Chloe also posted the video to Twitter last night and has since received more than 400,000 views.

The initial clips show Paul, who is believed to work for East Kilbride-based civil engineering firm Covanburn Contracts, scaring his victim whilst still sleeping.

More footage shows the extent to which the younger worker was terrified as he lets out his own scream each time he is pranked.

One of the pranks shows the extent the trouble maker went to by climbing over a cubicle to peer in as his victim is sitting on the toilet completely unaware of the fright he is about to get.

Most of the time, the victim responses by saying “f*** off man,” but after being scared in the final clip he can be heard saying: “I wasn’t even that scared.”

The post has also attracted multiple comments from Twitter users who have found the footage hilarious.

@movh said: “He definitely has PTSD now.”

Matthew Morgan commented: “Class.”

@abbiewhiteex said: “The best type of videos.”

Andy Clark commented: “Laughed at this way more than I should have.”

Emma Gregory said: “Howling at this Chloe.”