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Takeaway boss blasts “idiot” customer, claiming hair in food came from his own “hairy a**”

A TAKEAWAY boss hit back at an unhappy customer by claiming a hair allegedly found in food came from his own “hairy a**”.

The Serena Cardenden also called the customer an “idiot” and offered to provide medicine for the “rash in your a**”.

The bizarre outburst from the takeaway in Cardenden, Fife, is the second this week.

Another complaint about hygiene standards received the savage rejoinder that the customer should “clean you pee clothes”.

In the most recent case, a customer who wishes to remain anonymous, took to a local Facebook group to post pictures showing what he alleged was undercooked food which also contained hairs.

He posted photos of the food with the caption: “Don’t know how anyone can like or eat from this place?

The takeaway in question.

“Hairs in every bit of food found tonight. Pizza and burger and donner meat was freezing and half-cooked.

“Place is disgusting will never order from the place again.”

The Serena Cardenden hit back: “Idiot. You said to us that the food is not cooked proper and you need a full refund and now you make a new story against us.”

In a reference to the light brown colour of the hairs, they added: “We all have black hair you idiot. I tell you what I think happened.

“I think you were fingering your a** and when you saw our hot and delicious food you jumped on it without washing your hands.

“When you ate half the food then you realised there was hair in your food and in your mouth as well.

“Honestly, these hairs came from your hairy a**. We are all Asian and have black very small hairs.

The comment that highlighted the hair had “come from your hairy a**”

“If you still have any rash in your a** come to my shop and I’ll give you medicine, idiot.”

The takeaway appears to have since deleted the customer’s comment and their response.

The explosive exchange came to light after Twitter user @RedLori_ posted screen shots of the interaction.

She shared the post with the caption: “I’m screaming this canny be real.”

Social media users have reacted with amusement to the post.

Paul Gordon commented: “Hahahah class.”

Rianne Page added: “F***** brilliant eh.”

And @FFbowtop said: “I’ve had a lot of troublesome customers, but I have to say I’ve never resulted to asking someone if they still have rash a**.”

Speaking today, the customer said: “Their response doesn’t really bother me to be honest.

“But they are supposed to be good to their customers and that’s not a very good way to talk to them.”

Serena Cardenden claimed the whole exchange was just a joke.

A spokesman said: “It was just a joke with that customer. He ordered from us and then complained in the shop that food is not cooked properly.

One of the items in question that where contaminated.

“We said if you give us our food back we can give you your money back, but he had already eaten half the food.

“He threatened to post on social media against us and next day he made a story that he found hair from our food, which was very, very bad for us business.

“We are already struggling to run our business and he then he posted that news all over in Fife.

“It was just a joke with that customer and due to that joke we are already getting threats from few people that they will break our glasses and set fire to the shop.”

Serena Cardenden made headlines earlier this week after unleashing a tirade on another disgruntled punter.

They claimed the customer, who was also anonymous, was “wet with pee” and had a “dirty” home after she complained about hygiene at the restaurant.

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