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How to Build Hotel Brand Loyalty with Key Cards

Encouraging guests to use your hotel over another – and to continue to stay at your premises again and again – is a tough job. But it is the ultimate aim of any hotel or hotel chain; to build brand loyalty so guests just don’t want to stay anywhere else. One of the many facets of building hotel brand loyalty involves key cards.

But how can the humble hotel key card assist in your brand building strategy? Read on for some actionable ideas to get you looking at your key cards in a different light.

Provide Seamless Access and Interactions

It’s often the small things that make a difference in affecting someone’s choice of hotel. And these small things can be taken for granted. When they work, no one notices. But when they don’t, it really harms your brand. The most fundamental consideration in a hotel is access. Guests need to be able to access their rooms and the hotel amenities with ease.

They must also feel secure that no unauthorised person can access their own space. Contactless key cards provide seamless access for guests, allowing the security of access to rooms, gyms, restaurants, spas, and other amenities. The security features in the contactless cards ensure that this access is restricted to relevant guests or staff.

Contactless key cards can also provide ease of interaction between guests and the hotel. For example, specialist hospitality Mifare cards allow guests to sign up for hotel loyalty programmes, view their profile and special offers, provide feedback, or contact the hotel through their mobile phone. No more trekking down to the reception desk to ask for more towels or calling for room service.

Enhance Social Media Marketing
Key cards can be used to enhance your social media and other digital marketing by providing real-time updates on guests’ preferences and actions. Information stored on the card can be used to provide personalised messages to clients, alerting them to offers, activities, or extra features. Manage brand loyalty by using key cards as an integral part of the loyalty programme – guests can easily see how many points they have collected and redeem points or loyalty codes while staying or on their next stay.

Provide Cashless Vending
Guests on holiday or business trips often don’t want to be troubled with remembering to take cash with them when they go to the bar or visit the spa. Using contactless key cards allows guests to pay for services or goods, which can be added to their account, or bought using a prepaid card. Guests prefer being able to relax and enjoy their stay without having to worry about cash, and therefore a cashless vending system will build brand loyalty and enhance the guest experience.

Contactless key cards can also be branded with the hotel’s credentials and can serve as another form of marketing collateral that adds to the overall guest experience. Producing special cards for different times of the year or different events adds to the personalisation of the experience and gives guests something else by which to remember the hotel.

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