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The Benefits of Third-Party App Stores for iOS

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Most people will just show-off saying that they have luxury mobile phones in the market. However, most people in that community do not know all of its features and how to use them.

Considering iOS developed by Apple Company, it is found to be the prestigious mobile phone in society. When we see people holding iPhones, it is the luxurious image that the person carries.

However, when it comes to operating windows phone, many people fail to know all its features. Many times, people don’t realize that they have some useful apps on their iPhones.

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The most popularly used ones are messenger, phone calls, WhatsApp, Camera, other social media apps like twitter and so on. There are other exclusive apps found in iOS which are not recognized by its users only. This article would be helpful for you to understand all the beneficial features of iOS and having access to third-party app stores since recently, unlike earlier versions.

Features of iOS

Windows mobile phones are highly secured and known for its privacy and security. The option of silencing unknown callers is one of the best features attracted by iPhone users. Most of the times marketing people and unwanted callers would get your number from the local database and would make calls for promotions.

This would irritate more people. Unlike iOS, none of the other operating systems have this option of silencing unknown callers. When you block all unknown callers, you get rid of all these marketing promotional calls and unknown calls.

But you may need to know about the content of these calls because some way or the other it may be useful. Therefore, it is not like all calls are completely blocked but callers are given the option of sending messages to voicemails. This would enable people to filter incoming calls from unwanted calls and make use of it.

Ad-blockers are in-built for iOS which filters and does not allow third-party sites to be opened by the browsers.

This feature not just blocks advertisements but also blocks all unwanted links that are intended to open whenever you approach any third-party app stores more commonly. Those links will be prevented automatically to avoid the installation of unwanted apps or spyware.

This is the most important security system where it is missing in other operating systems like android, etc. However, it is always possible to tailor your needs by giving permission to use any third-party sites for continuous usage. In such cases, the user takes up the whole responsibility for the installation of a virus or unwanted apps just like other operating systems.

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There are certain apps that collect your contact details in order to proceed further with their installation.

This is for database collection, which is completely not allowed for iPhones. These third-party apps are completely blocked for viewing your contacts. Same way, VoIP apps are also been blocked from collecting data from your mobile phones.

Everything has now changed with the customization option. You can change your iPhones in such a way that you are easy enough to handle third party sites and app stores.

Why do we rely on Third-Party App Stores?

People may wonder why we need to rely on third-party sites when we have the original app stores available in the market.

Those original app stores are available in the market with huge prices demanded each app with lots of limitations to using. This irritates most people who are interested in trying out new apps for their mobile phones.

Some are trying for genuine third-party app stores that can provide these apps either at lower cost or free of cost with no limitations of use.

Third-party sites are good enough in providing the right app which is sometimes hidden in the original app store or found rarest.

They provide complete information about how to use, how to install and how to apply cheat codes in case of games. Especially for iPhone users and gamers, finding MOD games are quite difficult earlier.

The tailoring option of allowing iPhone users to grant permission for third-party sites gave them enormous options to find a big list of MOD games that resemble the original ones without any deviations but with enhanced gaming experience.

Above all, though iPhone users will grand permission to access third party stores, the ad blocker option enables users to avoid advertisements and unwanted links to be opened. This is the reason why people rely on third-party app stores, especially for iOS.

Benefits of Third-Party Sites for iOS

Third-party app stores offer a wide range of applications that are fascinating and useful for iOS users.

They don’t get all these apps in their original app stores. Even if they find some, they must be bought at huge cost.

There are lots of third-party app stores available for both android and iOS mobile phones that include AppValley Download, GetJar, Aptoide, etc.

These third-party stores provide the link to download and install the desired apps for your mobile phones. Third-party app stores are quite common these days since many people crossed the security reasons and approached them for getting their desired apps.

Above all, the most important benefit that every third-party app-store offers is that it gives apps and games without jailbreak. Only thing is that you need to find the right store for your right app.

All you need to do is to take simple precautionary steps by reading reviews, downloading rating analysis, etc. Once you believe in any third-party site, go for it and download your desired app or game without jailbreak.


Third-party app stores for iOS are plenty in the market and it is only the responsibility of iOS users to filter the right one suitable for their needs. You can get Best features for iPhone and iPad at here.

They can always follow the precautionary steps before initiating the download of their desired apps and games from such third-party app stores.

However, they simply offer your needs with better features at free of cost, which is commendable! 

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