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The state of IT business in the UK


Information Technology (IT) provides a strong foundation to conduct our daily business activities. Besides, it enhances communication in an organisation, increases an organisation’s productivity, and secures an organisation’s confidential data. It is crucial to engage an IT outsourcing company in your business, especially in today’s business environment. 

According to the Independent magazine, half of UK’s businesses had fallen victim to cyber-attacks and security breaches in 2018. In a detailed look at how various organisations had been affected, the UK government found that of those attacked, 19% were charities, and 43% were businesses. Attack on large companies had risen by 72% and by 73% among the largest charities.

The most common attacks involved viruses and malware, fraudulent emails, software corrupted, websites were taken down, money, confidential data, and other assets stolen. Working with an IT business would protect your business from these crimes. Your business could also outsource software from different IT businesses. An IT business is made up of a team of IT specialists, with each member having a unique set of skills.

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What services do an IT business in the UK offer?


Providing network service

One of the significant roles of an IT business in the UK is to install, setup, and manage a company’s networks. A good network provides secure access to a company’s data since only authorised workstations can access the data. The IT team implements security protocols that help defend your system from hackers and viruses. In the UK, having efficient networks in your organisation is very crucial in surviving random cyber breaches.

Employee training

Hardware upgrades and installation of new software may leave employees clueless on how to go about them. Therefore, there is a need for training and making them optimistic about the changes in the business environment. Through this, the organisation’s day-to-day operations will run normally and efficiently, and eventually, productivity will be evident.

Sell software

Many companies in the UK dedicate their resources towards outsourcing software. The point of software development outsourcing is to get the best possible software. IT businesses in the UK partner with clients to create innovative solutions to help the business survive the competitive business market.


Why is software development outsourcing preferable?

Companies can access expert-level knowledge and skills at a reduced cost. A few resources can be saved since the price of the software is negotiable. Instead of dedicating time to both software development and running its operations, an organisation can focus on its services solely. Software is launched faster since the IT team focuses on developing the software and releasing it into the market. The quality of software developed is very high, as defined in the contract.

Limitations of software development outsourcing

Sensitive data can be exposed.

Software delivery and installation could delay due to the physical distance between the IT business and the organisation.

Installation of security cameras

Though everyone seems to know how to install security cameras, you should find a good IT business to do the setups for your business. Besides installing good security cameras, digital alarms and locks would help secure your business from theft.

Onsite and offsite maintenance

Once networks have been installed, there is a need to keep checking them to prevent future problems.

General technology consultancy

Businesses can consult IT companies in issues related to software and hardware installed and even team up towards coming up with better solutions.


Challenges affecting IT business in the UK

These rapidly changing times are proving to be a challenge for IT business in the UK; companies have to invest and utilise new technologies. Just like any other business, IT business in the UK also faces a lot of competition, and only with resilience can they survive the competitive IT market. IT business in the UK faces various challenges which include:

The future is so uncertain

An IT business in the UK has to keep up with these changing times. There is a need for the IT team to continually be ahead and know the technologies being developed and the ever-changing programming languages.

Knowing when to embrace change

Some technologies are becoming obsolete and can no longer be trusted. Just like newspapers are no longer everyone’s cup of coffee, and people are turning to blogs, various software and systems can no longer be used. An IT business needs to know when to adapt to new technologies.

Customer service

Customers can easily take to the web to express their displeasure in the services offered to them; therefore, IT business such as Redwerk does software development outsourcing and helps clients improve customer services.

We are living in an era of constant change, and preparing and embracing change is the only escape. IT plays a significant role in business today, including improving organisational communication, more efficient day-to-day operations, giving customers a better experience, and securing the organisation. You should work with an IT business to survive these changing times and expand internationally. Also, your business can make the right decisions since you can generate long term and short term reports using Management Information Systems.