Clip compared to “fireworks” display after car collision with electrical box


SHOCKING video shows a car engulfed with flames after crashing into an electrical box.

The sparks spitting off were compared to “fireworks exploding” after a two vehicle collision caused one of the cars to slam into the electrical box.

An eyewitness has criticised the layout of the road for the incident following a spate crashes over the past few years.

The incident happened on a road in Bearsden in East Dunbartonshire, on Friday.

The clip was captured by local civil servant Rab Simmonds from Bearsden who posted the video on Facebook warning drivers to stay away from this road. He posted: “Avoid Milngavie Road.”

The video shows emergency services shutting down the road as the electrical box continuously sparks as a car can be seen burning next to it.

Flashes of sparks can be seen coming off the electrical box as the fire rages on.

Firefighters are seen waiting in the crash site as they appear to wait for the fire to die down.

A police officer then ushers a pedestrian away from the cordon as loud bangs boom across the street.

The was engulfed in flames.

The same officer then stops a car which approaches the cordon. Loud noises can still be heard towards the end of the clip as more emergency services are heard arriving.

The clip has since been shared across social media.

Imran Aktr said: “Looks like fireworks exploding on the left side of the car.”

Glenn Riley added: “Looks like electricity sparking at the side of the car.”

Goldy Shiloh Hilton wrote: “I hope it was empty.”

Rab today said he was amazed that nobody was injured.

“[I was in] utter shock that someone actually came out of the car unscathed and [with] no injuries. It was just the thought of someone being trapped that was in my mind. It was a sort of usual car fire smell, burning plastic, rubber and the acrid smell of metal

However, Rab feels this incident was not coincidental, and was down to the design of the road.

He added: “That particular part of the road has had three or four accidents in the last three years or so because they installed a cycle lane which narrowed a major (A) road.

“With the McDonalds there too, there becomes some confusion of turning right into there, it seemed the car that burst into flames was rear ended and cut across crashing into the electrical box which then in turn blew up bursting the car into flames. When will this road be redesigned.”

Milngavie Road, where the incident happened.

The fire service told local media on the day of the incident that one person was injured.

A spokesman for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said: “We were alerted at 12.48pm on Friday, October 25, to a road traffic collision on Milngavie Road, Bearsden, Glasgow.

“Operations Control mobilised two appliances to the scene, where firefighters tackled a fire within a vehicle that had collided with an electrical box.

“A female casualty has been handed into the care of the Scottish Ambulance Service.

“Crews have now left after making the area safe.”

However, police today said that nobody was injured during the fire.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We were called to a report of a two-vehicle crash that has caused one vehicle to catch fire after hitting an electrical box.

“The road is closed between Mosshead Road and Milngavie Road.

“Emergency services remain at the scene as do Scottish Power. There do not appear to be any injuries.”

Scottish Power also confirmed they attended the scene.

A spokeswoman for Scottish Power said: “We attended the scene to carry out repairs.”

East Dunbartonshire Council did not want to speculate on the cause of the crash, but have played down the possibility it was down to the road design.

Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive – Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate
Assets, said: “As normal, we are working with Police Scotland and wouldn’t
speculate on the causes of this incident.

“Previous incidents we have been made aware of did not identify road design as a contributory factor.”