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Benefits Of Having Smok RPM 40 Vape Pod System VW Starter Kit

If you are looking for a blend of services of both box mods and pod systems that run long without charging the battery repeatedly, then you should read this blog. 

We are here to bring you more information and increasing benefits of using Smok RPM 40 VW Starter Kit that enables state-of-the-art air inhalation experience with unmatchable and mystic flavour of the wick or the e-juice that you love to draw in.


  1. Wider Mouthpiece

You cannot wait to taste the new flavour you have bought from the store, right? But, at the same time, you want a device that enables better air inhalation and cloud.

With this wider mouthpiece on the top of the Smok RPM 40 kit, you will be able to inhale directly larger smoke in and out. 

Suffice to say you do not have to puff small clouds or get irritated over not getting the right amount of relaxation within a single puff. 

This wider mouthpiece ensures along with the adjustable wattage that you get the calmness that you were waiting for after a tiring day.


2. Charges 75% Within 2 Hours And Lasts Quite Long

Now, if you are travelling outside or driving to longer distances, either you can kill time or enjoy the road trip with this starters kid of Vape Pod Systems. It is highly reliable in that matter because it charges up to 75% in straight 2 hours.

So, before planning to go out, while you are packing or deciding where to go, you can connect this device with a normal USB cable and forget it for 2 hours.

Or else, normally, you can get in charged inside your car when you are travelling to a farther location and have some puffs in between when you think the pod system is sufficiently charged up.

You can see the same charging point in the TFT screen display to know how much battery or voltage is it showing. 

In other words, this Smok RPM 40 is best for vaping whenever vapers like you are on the road with friends, colleagues, or loved ones. Even if you are travelling alone, you will not feel bored because of the sweet flavour and calming effects of this vapour.


3. Every Necessary Protection Is Enabled In This Device

This is one of the smartest devices we must-have because it takes care of the user or the smoker during unwanted situations. In other words, it has valid options of protection covers that are in-built while you are vaping for a long time.

For example, it has high heat protection, short-circuit shield, cuts-off for 8 seconds when you have been using it for too long, and even optimizes itself when the battery or voltage is low.

So, now you do not have to worry about growing addiction to vaping from different cotton or burning wicks. Whenever you are immediately reminded from the device itself, then you can easily go back to running chores.

Other than that, there will be no harm caused to your mouth or skin while using this product. This is all because of these protective covers, which are mentioned earlier. So to say, this device is the safest vaping product, irrespective of the fact that you are a beginner or not.


4. RPM 40 Vape Is Definitely For Beginners

This product initiated by Vapeciga is one of the trustworthy ones currently because it helps to jumpstart the vaping habit for beginners. 

RPM pod with 4.3ml capacity is actually the right choice for slightly lesser flavour content, and nicotine hit, that is, if you are already in control of your dependency on the tobacco. 

Otherwise, if you want to start vaping but are not sure if vaping will be good for your health or not, try using this product because RPM is slightly better for beginners and does not cause any unnecessary addiction, as well.

However, it also comes with 4.5ml capacity for RPM Nord Pod that has a 0.6ohm resistance with dual coils, helping the advanced vapers to feel the stronger hit of smoke and flavour. This is, however, mostly used by vapers who want to loosen up their dependency on tobacco.

Photo by Sven Kucinic on Unsplash

5. Instant Firing Up Response

With the advanced IQ-R chip inside this Smok 40 system, you can easily press the button that is meant for initiating the fire for e-juices and thicker vapour that you need to draw in.

It will take a fraction of a second to lighten up if we talk about the fantastic speed. So, if you are in a hurry or want a quick release and calm, this product will never disappoint you because of the IQ-R chip.

So, you wouldn’t need to depend on another person or vaping system. This in itself is pretty reliable when it lights up as soon as you click the fire button for your favourite flavour to draw in.


6. Comfortable To Use

Even if you are new to all vaping systems, it will not take you more than a few seconds to understand how the device lightens up.

For starters, there is a power/fire button located just above the TFT display screen that’s .96 inches long. The switch helps to start the vaping mechanism, firing up the smoke, or changing the colours on the display screen.

Whereas, on the TFT screen, you can options measurements of voltage, puff count, wattage power used, and other necessary information while you are vaping.

Again, there’s a button below the TFT screen to increase or decrease the Wattage level from 1W to 40W. Hence, as a beginner, you can always start vaping at the minimum levels, say around 10-15W.

Also, most of the time, it is advisable to use the device at 20-25W only for a greater bust of vapour and intense flavour, that is, if you are already used to it.


Smok RPM 40 Vape pod system is a reliable choice brought to you by the Vapeciga store. It lightens up fast, protects you from uneventful incidences or accidents, controls your nicotine, and is available with both RPM and NORD pods to switch back and forth from.

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