Grieving son targeted by two trolls pretending to be his dead mother


A GRIEVING son is being tormented by two trolls who have both set up fake social media accounts pretending to be his dead mother.

Andrew Barnsley, 20, was horrified to receive a Facebook Messenger contact showing his late mother’s image and name.

That was followed by a fake Snapchat account which also pretended to be his mum Linda, who died two years ago, aged just 46, from heart failure.

Facebook have since disabled the fake account pretending to be Andrew’s mother.

Horrified son, Aiden, shared the Facebook onto Twitter.

Andrew, from Paisley, East Renfrewshire, shared the screenshots and a screen-recorded video relating to the Snapchat hoaxer.

He wrote: “Just been sent this, some c*** has now made a fake snapchat of my dead mum. I honestly swear to f*** if I ever find out who this is [they are] actual dead.”

In the video, messages from the fake account say: “I saw the article in the newspaper. Everyone was sharing it about his mum.

“It’s sad but kind of funny so I thought I’d copy and do the same thing.”

Despite being called out for their sick behaviour, the troll continued: “Whoever made that Facebook account was funny.

The original messages made on Facebook before the account was terminated.

“Now it’s my turn haha.

“I literally just saw the story and decided to make an account. It was a funny story.”

The sick prankster then began making vile jokes about Andrew and his mum saying: “Andrew is dirty just like his dead mum Linda…before asking to be put in a group with him.

The troll said: “Make a group chat with Andrew. I can help him or I can just be mean. Simple.”

The earlier Facebook messages were revealed yesterday (tue).

The troll posted: “Hello, how you doing?” This was followed by two kisses.

Andrew replied to the fake account with saying: “Who the f*** is this?” He then got the message: “Hi it’s Linda.” This was also followed by two kisses.

Andrew replied: “ This is f**** sick as f*** why the f***whoever this is create a profile of my dead mum?”

The new messages made to the devestated son which are now on snapchat.

@HosieLiamh wrote: “Genuinely raging reading this, how there’s c**** out there actually that sick and evil.”

@BhoyLupin said: “These scumbags act as if it is never going to happen to them, f****** joke”.

@NotAlishaa commented: “What the f***, this is horrible. Hope you find out who it is. Hope you’re okay through this.”

Andrew has previously suggested he is prepared to take matters into his own hands.

Speaking today he said: “Several hundred folk have reached out. A few know how to track Snapchats or work out how to find them. The police is an easy way out for this disturbed person but if nothing comes of it the police is where I’m going.”

An insider from Facebook Messenger said: “We have a team that looks into this and flags up anything suspicious and instantly removes it. The individual never reported it but the team have now disabled the account.”