Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Hilarious moment dad shows off £115k new car – before crawling on hands and knees to get out

HILARIOUS footage shows a dad proudly showing off his brand new £115,000 sports car – only to have to crawl on the ground to get out of it.

The clip shows 56-year-old Paul Hunt grinning smugly as he sits in his sleek BMWi8.

But things go downhill when the teacher opens the gullwing doors and tries to get out.

Paul, from Dunfermline, Fife, finds himself wedged between the seats and steering wheel and has to perform a half twist on his hands and knees to get out.

The clip was posted by his daughter, Ciara Hunt, 23, who wrote: “Dad’s new car is probs going back.”

Ciaras original post on twitter.

The video opens with Paul sitting in his 155mph dream machine, which can accelerate to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds.

He then opens the gull wing door of the plug-in hybrid and attempts to exit the car.

However, due to the steering wheel hitting his leg. He cannot exit the vehicle in a conventional manner.

He shuffles around in his seat, repositioning himself for a cleaner exit.

After this, he then manages to twist himself around and brings his legs over the top of the steering wheel.

All the while Ciara laughs at her dad’s struggle.

He then clambers out of the car on all fours onto the pavement as his daughter sniggers from behind the camera.

@gemmamorrison_ responded online: “Hahahahaha I can’t stop laughing. He’s the best.”

@Schwaggimus said: “Imagine getting pulled over and the cop asks for a field sobriety test and this is how you exit the car.”

@JessDPollard posted: “I’m actually crying.”

@bon1967 said: “That’s the funniest clip I’ve seen for a while.”

The video has been met with hundreds of comments.

@spamcrolla commented: “That’s what you call a stylish exit.”

Car Magazine UK identified getting in and out of the vehicle as a possible issue.

They wrote in their review in August last year: “Going to be using it regularly? Invest in some yoga classes to prepare yourself for when you need to post yourself through a tiny aperture to get into it.”

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