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NewsStudents face sack after filming themselves drinking beer on duty and getting...

Students face sack after filming themselves drinking beer on duty and getting caught by the boss

TWO students who filmed the moment their boss caught them drinking on the job are now waiting to find out if they have been sacked.

University of Portsmouth students Lucy Dolan, 21, and Georgia Tibos, 20, caught the mortifying moment on camera on October 22 – and shared it online.

The students were working for a temp agency behind the bar at Portsmouth F.C. at Fratton Park when they decided to help themselves to a pint.

Video shows the moment their boss walks in on the pair just as Lucy takes a swig from her beer.


As the clip begins, Lucy in the left of the frame is seen taking a gulp from her pint as Georgia pulls a peace sign and smiles at the camera.

The pair suddenly freeze and look off camera, realising that their boss has just walked in.

Their faces drop and Georgia lets out an “Oh”.

Lucy immediately swallows her beer and apologises saying: “Oh I am so sorry” as Georgia drops her gaze and awkwardly shuffles out of the frame.

As Lucy reaches to turn the camera off her boss informs her: “That is a sackable offence.”

A chastened Lucy utters another apology before turning off the camera.

Despite the awkward exchange, Lucy saw the humour in the whole situation and decided to share the footage online.

She posted the clip with the caption: “So anyone know of any job vacancies?”

Lucy left, Georgia right were mortified

Since posting the video however, her manager has asked her to delete her tweet.

Lucy has revealed that she and Georgia will find out on Saturday if they have been able to keep their jobs with the temp agency.

The clip, which had clocked up almost 500,000 views before it was deleted, had social media users in stitches.

@mermaidrituals said: “I literally cannot stop watching this. You continuing to gulp even when you get caught, the friend’s facial expressions, “sackable offence”.

@JORDANXCV added: “Every time I watch it the more awkward it gets.”

@Jrocain replied: “Nah no way, did this result in a sacking?” with a face palm emoji.

Others were less impressed with the girls’ antics.

@DantheCasFan said: “Life lesson learnt, social media is not more important than a wage.”

However, speaking today Lucy said: “It was just a bit of a laugh really – luckily the job doesn’t mean too much to me, so that’s why we can see the funny side of it!

“If it was an important job we wouldn’t have posted the video.

“We aren’t actually sure if we’ve been fired at this point. Our boss made us remove it, but as it’s only an agency job we are just waiting on our next shift.”

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