Driver jumps red light at roadworks and then hilariously bungles reverse they’re forced to make


HILARIOUS video shows a bungling driver who jumped a red light at roadworks make a complete mess of the reverse they were forced into.

After traffic lights failed at the one-way system, the driver decided to jump the light only to run into traffic coming the other way.

The motorist then made a bad situation even worse by apparently forgetting how to reverse a car.

The clip, filmed near the Gibside estate in County Durham, shows the car take two minutes to reverse barely 100ft (30m).

The footage was shared by a cabbie, who wishes to remain anonymous, with the caption: “Seriously don’t know how some people pass their driving test,”

He added: “This f****r musn’t have had to do any reversing!

“Some of the worst driving I’ve ever witnessed!!”

The footage, filmed yesterday (thu), shows a queue of traffic on both sides of the bridge due to repair work.

The original post made on Facebook.

A black Volkswagen can be seen reversing back across the bridge after jumping a red light seconds before.

He is forced back by a steady flow of queuing traffic coming their way.

As the Volkswagen comes off the bridge, the driver attempts to reverse down a public pathway.

The cameraman can be heard saying: “Jesus Christ. What the hell! He’s gonna hit the curb.”

The driver straightens the Volkswagen and then attempts to reverse straight back up the road, however he even makes a mess of this.

“How do people like that pass their test? Use your wing mirrors!” the cameraman can be heard saying.

The car then slowly judders back up the valley, before zig-zagging across the road and into a side road leading to Gibside Estate.

The cameraman narrates the events, jokingly explaining what the driver has to do: “Right turn your wheel.”

The car makes a foul attempt at reversing up the valley.

As they make their way into the junction, a queue of eleven cars can be seen patiently waiting to cross the bridge as the video ends.

Steven Jeffries commented: “hahaha a don’t know who gave them a licence. S****** driving I have ever seen.”

Ben Harvey said: “ Jesus man! How can that even be possible.”

Jason Bailey posted: “One word. W*****.”

Derrick Laidler said: “Wow that is unbelievable that mate. Imagine an ambulance was needing to get past, and you’re right, how on earth have some people got a licence when they can’t do simple things like reversing while using side mirrors.”

Speaking today, the cameraman said: “There are temporary traffic lights on the bridge outside the Gibside National Trust. However both sides of the lights were stuck on red so the driver had to make an attempt to get though unfortunately there was oncoming traffic so they were forced to TRY and reverse back.”

“I couldn’t believe their inability to simply reverse in a straight line. It was unbelievable! I see bad driving often as I am a taxi driver but this wins first prize – how these people pass their driving test is beyond me!”