“I kicked it up the moon’s a***.” Comedy legend Bob Mortimer lampoons mobile call menace during train trip


COMEDY legend Bob Mortimer filmed himself on a train mercilessly mimicking a self-important businessman making a loud phone call.

Mortimer points the camera at himself as he brilliantly acts out one of the great bugbears of modern travel.

Adopting a cheesy grin, mid-Atlantic accent and toe-curling jargon, the comic adopts the persona of “train guy”.

Talking to his imaginary colleague, he says: “Ya, hi Colin, ya ya ya ya I’m just back from a meeting incredibly important ya.”

Bob then chuckles to himself before saying: “Oh yeah, no everyone was very impressed, ya I basically kicked it up the moon’s a*** you know what I mean ya”

The comedian, smiling to the camera, pauses as if he was listening to what ‘Colin’ had to say over the phone.

Bob repoled: “Absolute- well ya, I’m already to a… you know, take it to the next level right up into the business sky, you got to join me there I hope ya.”

A smirking Bob then finishes his conversation with ‘Colin’ saying: “Ya anyway ciao Col. Have a cappachoochoo on me, see ya.”

The video has left many in stitches with Still Game actor Gavin Mitchell retweeting the video with a crying with laughter emoji.

The clip has also delighted many in the comments.

@ColBrewer said: “Great chatting earlier Bob yeah.”

@Johnhindeprints added: “It’s so good, I nearly hate you. I hope you literally copied word for word the bloke opposite you and he could see and hear you mock him.”

Bobs post has been met with hilarity from Twitter users.

@JackObrein89 wrote: “I’ve overheard so many conversations like this. Genius, Robert.”

@LynseyACraig said: “We’ve all heard this person.”

@Simon1703 added: “Sounds like some people at my gaff!”

@Atomic_graves wrote: “Just endured about 12 of these plebs on the 15:05 from Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham New Street.”

@MIKESAMPAIO1 said: “Outstanding Bob. I can’t count the number of times this happens for real.”

This comes after a variety of surveys reveal that talking out loud on the phone whilst on public transport is one of commuters’ biggest bug bears.

In 2016, Joosr, a company that specifies on making guides, revealed 36 per cent of people found talking on the phone to be the most annoying thing on public transport

In 2015, a survey conducted by comparison site Jetcost.co.uk revealed loud phone calls to be the most annoying thing on public transport.

This was also compounded by the Daily Telegraph’s findings in 2017 where loud phone calls came in at number three on their list.