Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Moment yobs almost hit car and pedestrian with barrage of fireworks shot across busy town high street

VIDEO shows a motorist and pedestrian almost hit by fireworks launched across a town street by masked yobs.

In the clip a rocket narrowly misses a passing car and explodes on the pavement behind. Moments later the same vehicle is almost hit a second time.

The footage, filmed in Epping High Street, Essex, also shows a woman walking along the street who comes close to being hit by another firework.

Jason Hadley captured the incident Thursday night and uploaded the clip to a local Facebook group.

He asked: “So do you know where your 13-16 year olds are tonight?

“Little morons damaging property and risking injury or death on Epping High street at 10pm. Parents must be very proud.”

The clip shows a youth in a black hoodie lighting a firework which launches just above head height across the street.

The projectile flies over the roof of a passing car and detonates on the pavement. Rockets continue to fly down the street and the same vehicle is almost hit a second time.

A barrage of fireworks are then set off by the youths aimed at the buildings on the other side of the street with a few appearing to hit the buildings and some landing on the pavement.

The shocking scene took place on a busy high street

A woman walking down the street is then endangered by a youth behind her who launches another firework. He then manages to drop the launcher.

A voice can be heard saying: “He’s dropped it”. A  firework suddenly appears and nearly hits the group.

Steve Savage wrote under Jason’s post saying: “Fireworks are fine. It’s just the idiots that sell them to underage people.”

Keith Parker added: “ saw them firing rockets at a man with a dog last night this area is going done the pan fast and will attract more dead heads when McDonald’s opens”.

Neill Wilson said: “Little p*****”.

Lee Carter added: “Little f****** skidmarks”.

Debbie Hamby commented: “That’s s***. And nobody made any attempt to stop them. They’re just cowards if they have to run around with their faces covered. Stinking hoodrats.”

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