Friday, August 19, 2022
NewsUnborn baby gives mum V-sign in hilarious ultrasound snap

Unborn baby gives mum V-sign in hilarious ultrasound snap

BRITAIN’s rudest baby has been caught putting up two fingers to the camera – and she hasn’t even been born yet.

Jemma Houston went for a scan on Tuesday and was astonished to see her unborn child giving the world the V-sign.

Jemma, 21, who is due to give birth at the end of the year, uploaded the snap to social media.

Jemmas post on Twitter describes her situation.

Jemma from Paisley, Renfrewshire, captioned her post: “Every single scan I’ve had to go back because our little diva does not cooperate.

“But being told to f*** off tops it off. ”

She added: “Back again on Saturday then little human, please show your face this time.  Yours sincerely, mum.”

The picture shows the baby appearing to give two fingers in the shape of a v sign.

Some Twitter users have also suggested the baby is pouting in the photo, adding extra attitude to the picture.

31 week pregnant Jemma’s post also received multiple comments from Twitter users who found it hilarious.

The baby scan, with the unborn child clearing showing two fingers.

@oliv1asmith said: “Can’t stop laughing at this hahahaha it’s the wee put as well.”

@nistaeexx commented: “Ahahahahaha your baby or Liam Gallagher.”

@amberxhiggins said: “Typical this is amazing tho!”

@shaykennedyblog commented: “Haha this is adorable. She’s probably like ‘let me sleep before I have to face life.”

Retweeting Jemma’s post, @lozzzzle said: “F*** off that’s the best scan I’ve ever seen.”

Speaking today, 31-weeks pregnant Jemma said there have been issues with previous scans, but both her and other half Chris Miller found it hilarious.

She said: “[I was] shocked haha, but didn’t expect anything less.

“My first scan she was upside down and my gender scan her legs were crossed!  So I’ve had to go back for every scan I’ve had.

“He found it hilarious!”

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