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Chinese Horoscope 2020 – Year of the Metal Rat

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The Chinese New Year of 2020 falls on January 25th (Saturday), and the holiday will last to February 8th. 2020 is a Year of the Metal Rat according to Chinese calendar.


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The rat is the social butterfly of the signs. You are intelligent, very astute and know how to appreciate the good things in life. This year 2020 will be an excellent year for business opportunities.

There will be many and you will have a chance for a great promotion or move to a better position, whether it is where you are, or a chance to make a change in your present work. When this offer occurs, you must act quickly.

February, March, June and September are especially favorable months. You will have an opportunity for special schooling or training in your particular field. With your talent and communication skills, you make quite an impression on those you meet this year. 

Finances are favorably expected. On the home front you can look forward to many social events, perhaps a wedding in the family, or some happy occasional with family members. 

This is a splendid year for romance, perhaps with new friends. It is an excellent time for meeting your soul mate. Above all this is a time to spend time for you. With so many things happening you may forget how important it is to make time for yourself.


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Just as your name implies, you were born to be hard workers and conscientious in whatever you choose to do. You have considerable leadership qualities, but you must take you time. 

You do not like to be rushed. You are aware of what you want to achieve and will not let anyone stop you in achieving your goals. However, this year 2020 things move faster than you like, but you manage to make quick progress, regardless of the speed.

 As the starts, you may give some thought and formulate your plans for the coming year as this helps when things move faster for you. It is important for you to have a sense of direction so you can accomplish more as a result. This is a year to move forward. 

You will have many surprises, as you will be singled out for moving forward in your profession. Take advantage of these opportunities. It will be a positive change when it occurs.

You will find yourself in some interesting challenging times. Regardless the time will prove positive. This is also a positive time for financial rewards, however be sure to read all contracts carefully before signing and keep all records and policies up to date. You will find new hobbies that prove beneficial this year. As your name implies you like outdoor activities and could take up gardening.

Your relationship with others is favorable and for the unattached, this could prove an important time for romance. You could find yourself settling down with that special person who has occupied your time lately. 

You will have an opportunity for spending some happy times with family members and perhaps doing some traveling to visit relatives. Social activities will be spontaneous and happy.


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Your sign is that of the Tiger, courage and strong-willed. Your mind is alert, quick-witted and active. You are always full of new enthusiastic ideas.

You love excitement, and as this year is, the year of the Rat there will be much excitement and action. You will make much progress and are able to use your talent well. 

You will make much progress however; you will be called upon to take more responsibilities that allow you to make better use of your talents.

This year could bring a change in the direction you are going in; April, June, September and November are favorable for change. In your enthusiasm and desire for new interest, be careful that you do not spread yourself too then.

If you are looking for work, you will find your experience pays off this year, placing you in an interesting position. As far as finances go, your work should place you in a wonderful position for a great increase in your income, however be careful of over spending. 

In your personal life, there will be many meaningful and happy times. You will need some discipline and be able to make some comprises when difference arises. Remember not all people are as enthusiastic in their outlook.

Overall, there will be some great times with family and friends. If you find any problems, open up and discuss the difference. Others will understand.


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You are born under the sign of prudence and you dislike anything unpleasant. You do not like confrontations, disputes or arguments. You are humus and good-natured. 

You are also very intelligent and always well informed. Others often seek your out for advice. You are a quiet methodical worker and very good in business. 

You make excellent diplomats, as you are a good communicator and are loyal and respected by others. This year holds generally some challenges especially in finances and money matters.

Over the year you will be faced with some large expenditure, however, with your ability for managing money you will be fine. If you have any reservations about spending be sure to check out contracts and other important documents. In your profession, you should put forth any effort to build on a solid foundation.

If you are called upon to make a change stick to the skills, you know. It is not a good time for experimenting with new enterprises. The months, March, May, October and November are your best months; however do not close yourself from unfolding opportunities. You should take advantage of any training opportunities and consider ways you could add to your skills. 

Refresher courses in your special skills should be kept up to date. As usual, you will receive much satisfaction from your domestic life. You may be called upon for some personal advice from a family member, and as usual, you are always there to help.


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Lucky are you if you were born under the sign of the Dragon. You are intelligent, ambitious, determined and will succeed in anything you attempt to do.

You were born lucky however, with your tremendous determination you rise above your status. You are like your Western counterpart, Leo. You like Leos are outgoing and enjoys the limelight.

You have incredible energy and often work long house to accomplish your goals. You are a source of inspiration to others.

The year of the Rat will be a positive year for you and you will have many opportunities that come your way. This is a year to move forward and accomplish your goals, take on new work and your personal life will be rewarding.

This is an interesting year for promotions and excellent opportunities especially in April, May, August, September and October. This is a year to further your education and brush upon your skills. You will derive much pleasure in your social and personal endeavors; however, you do need to be careful with your finances as this year you may have a tendency to over spend. You may have to replace or make improvements in your home. 

You will see many happy times spent in your home and perhaps involved in various commitments. Many new friends will play a part in your social life and will bring much pleasure.

This is a wonderful year for romance and if you are single could meet a significant other who will become important in your future. Overall, this will be a special year for advancement, growth and romance.


If you were born under the sign of snake, you have wisdom and intelligence. Your mind is forever active.

You go through many lifetimes in one life, as you are aware, the snake sheds many skins, and with each one you shed, you take on a new interest. You are a shrewd businessperson and are especially lucky in money matters; however, you are not lucky in gambling.

You have a calm nature and do not like to be in the hustle bustle of things. You prefer a quieter side and do not like to be rushed. You appear at times to be a loner as you are quiet and reserved. 

You do not like gossip and have little time for idle talk. You are not afraid of hard work; in fact, you like a challenge and usually succeed with your determination.

You must make it a point to rest after much activity. You usually choose work that is not strenuous and enjoy writing and research that keeps your mind occupied. 

You also are good at teaching and may become interested in the political world. You are quite conservative with your finances, however you can be generous to love ones and think nothing about buying expensive gifts for those you love.

You are gifted with good looks and are never short of admirers as you have excellent taste and many interests. You appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy things for the mind such as philosophy and science. You have an inquiring mind and are always looking for answers as to why we are here in the universe.

Progress is possible this year; however, it is best to stick to whatever you are doing and not take on anything new. If you are seeking work, you will find this a year to rely on your knowledge and stick with what you know, rather than try something new. Progress is good and you accomplish a great deal if you co-operate with others. This is not a year to be a loner and not be too independent.

Special training and developing new skills will prove beneficial. Romance is favorable and you will have opportunities for meeting new friends who come to mean much to your future.

You enrich your life by getting out more and mingling with others. This is not the year to be a longer. This could lead to many enjoyable activities. You can look forward for a positive year in your profession as you make much progress in this direction.


If you were born under the sign of the Horse, you have strong leadership abilities and enjoy mixing and mingling with others. You have a quick mind and enjoying public speaking.

You have many interests and are involved in many activities. You like freedom so that you may roam about and meet different and interesting people.

You have many talents and will go far in your profession as you enjoy challenges and are a tireless worker. Because of your restless nature, you become bored easily. 

Money is not a top priority to you; however, you handle your finances with care and always manage to have money. You enjoy travel and perhaps in your lifetime will live in a foreign country. This will be an incredible year for you as you like the excitement the Rat year brings and will accomplish much. 

In addition, many new opportunities will become available and you will rise above your present position. You may even feel a need to make important changes and if you do, things should go well for you.

You may even decide to move your residence as the Rat year indicates much change within your home. It will prove to be a happy and busy year with family and friends.


If you were born under the sign of the Sheep, you are creative and have a love for art. You are easy going and do not like pressure in any form. 

You are slow, methodical and can sometimes become too much of a perfectionist. Moreover, as the Sheep implies, you enjoy being around others. You are definitely not a loner. You like the support of others and often leave the decision-making to others. You enjoy socializing and are a gracious host/hostess.

You are the most gifted of all the signs when entertaining as you use your artistic talent. You also have a love of nature, as you are aware of the closeness to God when you are in nature.

You are not particularly interested in finances; however, you are one of the lucky ones when it comes to money.

This year you find things happening quickly, perhaps too much for your slow easy pace. Therefore, this may not be the most comfortable year for you. 

Yet if you keep up with the pace, you stand a chance to gain from the experience. If you adjust to the changes, you will find the experience enlightening and will gain a new perspective with how you view the future. You will see a tremendous improvement in your finances as your income rises.

Overall, this is a generally favorable year in your personal life with many activities with family and friends. Already a social creature you have no problem meeting new friends and will probably find you are in great demand in your social life.


This is the beginning of a new 12-year cycle for you if you were born under the sign of the Monkey. You are active and always want to know what is going on around you.

You are well read, intelligent and are always eager for knowledge. You do not have a problem in making friends, in fact, because of your energetic nature; people love to be around you. 

You often excel in Public Relations work, Politics and are good at anything dealing with the public. You enjoy helping others but only rely on your own judgment when making decisions.

Because of your many talents, you are able to make large sums of money. You enjoy your life and enjoy spending money on luxuries and lavishing yourself with pleasure. Others admire you for your abilities to judge others with an open and honest opinion.

This year is a year of progress with much good luck. Much progress will be made in your work as you are in a position for advancement and more responsibilities.

You will be offered an exciting opportunity to use your skills in a more fulfilling way. You may even decide to start your own business and if you do find others that are most helpful.

The increase in your work increases financial successes. By being open and grateful, others are anxious to help. Love ones will be willing to lean a helping hand, so do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

This will be a rewarding year in your personal relationships and if single, the prospects for romance and marriage are excellent. You will find you work brings you into contact with others and have various invitations and opportunities to go out.

If you have had some disappointments in love this past year, you find this year a turning point for love and romance. You find much happiness with a new romance helping to make this year special.


If you are a Rooster, you have a colorful personality with a high intelligence with a wonderful sense of humor. Others see an air of confidence in you and respect your judgment. 

You gain considerable wealth during your life with your incredible earning power. You lead a varied and interesting life with many different activities.

You are extremely efficient and have no problem in speaking your mind. During 2020, much headway can be made and changes will be made in your work. 

Perhaps more responsibilities will be required. If you are seeking work and an opportunity presents itself, you must act quickly otherwise you may lose the chance for advancement.

You will have a chance to learn new skills and this places you in a better position. You financial matters look promising. You may think of setting aside extra money for unexpected expenditures.

Do not spend money foolishly this year. Be careful not to over work as you have a tendency to do and not neglect those love ones. Overall, your domestic life should be a happy one and bring you much pleasure. If you are single and looking for romance, this could mark a time for a significant new relationship. This year brings rewarding times.


Everybody loves the Dog sign because you are loyal and help others who are less fortunate. You are very sincere and do not play games.

You speak your mind, are straightforward and listen to the views of others. You are admired for your integrity. You are a good judge of character and often make long lasting friendships. 

Despite your friendlessness, you do not like large groups. You prefer small intimate social gatherings where you are able to discuss intelligent conversations.

You worry a lot about unnecessary things that never happen. As far as finances are concerned, you are not bothered with accumulating a great deal of wealth.

This year promises to be an excellent year for achieving your goals and bringing much happiness in your personal life. This will be a time of great opportunity. 

You will be able to draw on the experience and knowledge for promotions. If an opportunity arises for a promotion, you will find your new work more interesting and more of a challenge, which you need. This will be an excellent year for progress, learning new skills with more promising results. 

Take time apart from work to enjoy your personal life. This will be a busy year in not only work, but also making improvements in your home. You may decide to make a move in your home. If you decide to stay where you are, take time to clean the clutter and make room for good Feng Shui.

 Your home life will be especially rewarding with many happy events occurring. Finances will increase in unexpected ways. So enjoy this year as you move forward with positive results.


If you were born under the sign of the boar, you are honest with a kind understanding nature. You are an excellent conversationalist and a firm believer in maintaining justice.

You are very popular and enjoy being in the company of others. You like functions where you can participate in their activities. You are a hard worker in any endeavor therefore; you enjoy working, and supporting charities as you make a wonderful fundraiser. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of your good nature.

In the work force, due to your many interest you try your hand at several different positions until you find one that suits you.

You have the ability to recover from setbacks as you have a determination that will not quite. Even though you are a hard worker, you also know how to enjoy pleasure times.

The chinese horoscope 2020 reports that this year will not be without its challenges; however, there will be chances for successes but you need to work hard for the opportunities, and as I said earlier, you do not mind working hard so this should not be a problem.

There could be certain tasks, which you may consider unnecessary; however, these tasks will provide some good opportunities to further yourself, and gain a good promotion.

This year brings some interesting developments but it may not be an easy time however forge ahead and you will see positive results in the end. By watching your spending, you gain a new insight into your financial situation.

By managing your resources and watching, your spending you can avoid problems that arise. This is a year to be careful with money. Domestically you will have many enjoyable times spent with family members and find you gain a better understanding with love ones. If you are single, there will be many chances to meet someone who will become special to your future. 

This year will give rise to many special moments spent with family and friends.

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