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The secret to becoming an Instagram influencer

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It is safe to say that one-eighth of the earth’s population is right now on Instagram. If you are among the Insta-savvy individuals, then you must know that you are currently competing against 95 million posts, 400 million stories and an uncountable number of IGTV videos. That is a lot of competition even for the leading Insta influencers.

You need something more than the daily dose of fresh photos and hashtags to make your social media presence profitable.

Who needs to increase Instagram “likes”?

If you dream of becoming a social media influencer or a successful photo-blogger, you need to think beyond 100 organic followers and 50 organic likes every day!

When choosing endorsers, big brands don’t just judge the quality of photos and stories, but they also take a close look at the engagement rates of each user.

Instagram tracks engagement metrics since it is the deciding factor of any user’s popularity and success on the platform. The engagement rate can be the number of likes a user’s new story receives in comparison to their follower strength.

A lot of Instagram users rely on purchasing followers. However, if the majority of their follower population is bots, their photos and stories will not receive as many likes and comments as they should from real followers.

For example – if you have 20,000 followers, but your posts receive only 40 likes, it will raise red flags with the authorities and brand owners. The balance between engagement and followers is one of the primary reasons social media experts insist on growing one’s followership organically.

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How to build your followership on Instagram?

Building dedicated followership takes time, effort and money. There are no foolproof hacks that can skyrocket your follower numbers overnight.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will achieve the right balance of engagement and followers, even when you grow your follower strength organically. As a result, many buy automatic Instagram likes.

Not a lot of social media celebrities admit to that fact, but purchasing automatic Instagram likes can boost your social media presence and increase your chances of becoming an influencer. 

Creating multiple user accounts

Several services allow people to develop automatic Instagram likes. However, not all of them are equally trustworthy. Some users often create several accounts to “like” their photos and increase engagement.

That is a risky move since the activities from all fake accounts belonging to the same user share the same IP address or device identity. Moreover, it is easy to spot counterfeit accounts since they have minimal activity and close to no original content.

It might save you a few pretty pennies, but operating multiple Insta accounts can end up suspending your original account or complete termination of the same.

Buying automatic likes

The other, smarter way to boost Instagram likes is by buying them from authenticated sellers. You should be able to find several marketing agencies that sell automated Instagram likes through bot services.

While some bot services provide dedicated “Likes” to the buyer’s photos, their activities can draw suspicion of Instagram since other users, with completely different brand ideals can utilize the same services.

The same profile “Liking” the activities on two completely different profiles with different ideals can arouse suspicion. You need to seek out bespoke engagement packages that offer a variety of automatic likes for every user in every niche. Do not opt for the generic, and cheap packages that provide the same followers/bots to every customer.

By the reciprocation of engagement

The safest way is by choosing a service that offers an exchange of engagement. The concept is quite simple – when you “like” someone’s post on Instagram, he or she will “like” your post back.

The rule of reciprocity keeps suspicion at bay since all the profiles involved in this activity belong to genuine Instagrammers. The rule of reciprocity is by far the most effective method of collecting “Likes” from real users and improving a profile’s engagement metrics overnight.

After purchasing the likes, you need to begin working on your engagement metrics. As per the rules of social media, once your followership begins to expand, the engagement between you and your followers should increase as well. The only way to make the sudden increase in activities look natural is by fostering engagement between your users and your profile.

Always remember that this increase should not be a temporary one. It should steadily increase over time, and you should make good use of this time to promote your profile to the real users as well. The only way to attract lucrative brand deals is by creating a natural fan-following, even while paying for a dedicated body of followers.

That is the secret of every influencer out there – they do pay for engagement, but they also nourish the real interactions with their genuine followers.

To increase engagement on Instagram, you should try the following –


  • Revisit your hashtag strategies


Hashtags can make or break an Instagram profile. There might be security in numbers while hashtagging, but you need to pick the correct phrases and trending tags for the pertaining images.


  • Review your photo descriptions


Keep the descriptions short, crisp and engaging. Put an element of humor and don’t forget to include real emotions in the descriptions of your precious photos. 


  • Reconsider the photo filters


Research shows that people respond to certain filters more positively than others. Steer clear of the controversial or less popular styles of editing. Go with filters, frames, and add-ons that have worked for you before. Do not forget to consider the genre of the content before choosing the filters.


  • Recycle popular tags


Who you tag will dictate who sees your content and who misses it. Don’t forget to tag important followers, fellow users/bloggers, and brands. Picking the right tags at the right time can make you visible in no-time.

Buying Instagram likes is not a crime. It is a hack that will make it easy for Instagrammers to come to limelight. The trick is to make the engagement metrics look natural. Once you master the technique of boosting engagement metrics post-purchase, no one can stop you from becoming an Insta superstar.  

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