Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsEntrepreneur accuses Pretty Little Thing of stealing a design she came up...

Entrepreneur accuses Pretty Little Thing of stealing a design she came up with two years ago

AN ENTREPRENEUR has accused fashion company Pretty Little Thing of stealing her designs and blasted the retailer online.

Jemma Rochelle, from Brighton, East Sussex, claims that Pretty Little Thing “stole” a slogan she came up with two years ago for their new T-shirts.

The 30-year-old founder of clothing brand Pharaoh alleges that Pretty Little Thing copied her sweatshirts and T-Shirts which bare the phrase “Not Your Baby” across the chest.

Photos show Pretty Little Thing’s £10 T-Shirts compared with Jemma’s £12-£25 collection, both of which have the same slogan printed across them.

Both designs feature capital letters throughout, a similar font, and the use of white and black letters.

A furious Jemma decided to take to social media to vent her frustrations.

Jemma was outraged by the similarities

She tweeted a comparison of the products on Saturday  with the allegation: “When a massive brand steals your brands design that you made 2 years ago not cool.

“Don’t you have enough money to pay people to come up with something new?!”

As well as the apparently identical slogan, both sets of T-Shirts appear to have a similar over-sized fit and even come in similar colours.

Speaking today, Jemma said: “We use UK printers, embroiders and our clothing is ethical, that’s why our prices are higher.

“I am also a mum of two supporting my family along with my husband.

“We work long hours to make this company work and its gutting when your designs are copied.”

It’s not the first time Pretty Little Thing have been accused of copying designs.

One of Jemma’s designs

In April, the retailer removed a jumpsuit from its website after model Leomie Anderson claimed the brand had “knocked off” one of her designs and resold it for a fraction of the price.

This followed claims from artist Scott Rohlfs in September 2018 that the brand had printed his artwork onto one of their dresses without his permission.

Following Scott’s accusations, the dress in question was removed from sale.

Pretty Little Thing recorded an 107% increase in revenue at the end of February this year according to

The brand saw major growth and brought in a whopping £374.4 million revenue for owners Boohoo Group Plc.

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