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6 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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Nowadays, arranging for your kid’s birthday party seems to be more complicated than ever due to their high expectations as they see other kids throwing such elaborate parties. Hence, organizing a birthday party can become a strenuous task for the parents as they need to match their kid’s expectations.

Hosting your kid’s birthday party may seem complicated but if you take some creative ideas from below, making your kid’s birthday party hit will become really cheap and easy;

  1. Set up a Photo Booth:

Your fun party also needs you to make arrangements to create fun memories. You can easily do it by setting up a fun photo booth with funny props and use a digital camera to click pictures of the kids having fun. You can send these images to their parents as well so that they also enjoy watching their kids having fun.

  1. Create a Ball Pit:

One fun activity which you will find in most party nowadays is a ball pit. You can create one of your own by filling plastic balls in a baby pool for the kids to jump around and play.

  1. Arrange for a Dance Party:

Kids love music and they go crazy when there is music played hence why not make a playlist for the kids and play it during the party so that they can have a mini dance party of their own? You can just use your phone hooked to the speakers and play music for them to enjoy.

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  1. Organize an Obstacle Race:

An obstacle race arranged in your yard is a great idea to engage the kids more in the party. Kids definitely will have fun playing this and you can also arrange for gifts for the winners of this race. The obstacles can be created using household items like boxes and sticks.

  1. Arrange for a Life-Sized Character:

The greatest way to add fun to the party is to decide upon a theme such as a Disney party for girls or a monster party for boys. You can then hire actors to wear the costume of Disney princesses or a Realistic Dinosaur Costume. Adding these life-sized characters to the party will add extra fun to the entire theme of the party and this may be used as a surprise element.

  1. Design a Scavenger Hunt:

If the party is for kids above the age of 8, then you can organize a scavenger hunt for them by scattering things around your house or yard and place clues for the kids to reach the treasure. Make sure to stay within the boundaries of your home and do not let the kids out of your sight or else they may wander off.

  1. Play the Telephone Game:

This is a fun game where one person whispers a tough word or sentence in the next person’s ears and they pass it on further to the person sitting next to them and this goes on till the last person hears it and then says it out loud to everyone and mostly by the time it reaches the last person, the words get mixed up hence the game is absolutely fun to play with large group of kids.

To organize a great kid’s birthday party, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money as after all they are kids and they really cannot make the difference. A successful birthday party can be easily planned if you are creative enough to organize a fun evening for them.


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