Wednesday, May 25, 2022
NewsBritish Airways destroy bag and contents worth £820 belonging to Scotland's rugby...

British Airways destroy bag and contents worth £820 belonging to Scotland’s rugby league squad doctor

THE doctor to Scotland’s Rugby League squad has blasted British Airways for wrecking medical kit and sports memorabilia worth £700.

Anna Kropelnicki collected her £120 North Face bag at Aberdeen Airport to find it had been completely trashed.

But the 43-year-old was even more upset to discover the damage caused to the contents.

As well as unusable medical equipment, she found irreplaceable Scottish League clothing was also ruined.

Anna, from Aberdeen, flew home on Saturday from Heathrow after working at the Rugby League World Cup finals.

The bag contained medical kit and other valuable items

She posted pictures to social media which show the red holdall has been ripped wide open, exposing the contents inside.

Another photo shows Anna’s frayed and scuffed Scotland rugby shirt with a large hole torn through it.

She posted the photos with the caption: “British Airways please explain how you achieve this.

“You have excelled yourself in destroying luggage and precious cargo. Totally devastated.”

After receiving no reply online, she tweeted again saying: “This is how you deliver my luggage? Not even an apology.

“Your online form is impossibly restrictive – are you trying to stop people with clearly legitimate claims?”

Anna will be unable to replace her shirt

Prior to the incident, Anna had been celebrating her team’s victory over Greece which saw Scotland qualify for the Rugby League world cup finals.

Speaking today, Anna said: “As ever, I informed the check in staff about my medical kit.

“The bag was labelled with ‘Fragile’ stickers and I took the bag to oversize/special baggage.

“The next time I see it is on the carousel in Aberdeen. The bag as pictured.

“I have lost approximately £700 in kit, but worse is that a lot of my gear is club or country branded clothing not available to buy, so not replaceable. It has huge sentimental value.

“The experience from the start gas been horrendous leaving me very upset and completely abandoned by BA. ”

BA said they were looking into the matter.

A BA spokesman said: “Every day we take great pride in carrying thousands of bags safely and speedily to their final destination where the vast majority arrive on time and in the same condition as they departed.

“On the rare occasion that a bag is damaged, we do all we can to assist our customers, including providing them with new luggage.

“We are in direct contact with the customer to resolve this issue.”

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