“Exploding” sparklers withdrawn after man burns hand, leaving him facing skin grafts


A FIREWORKS company has withdrawn one of its products after a dad shared images of injuries to his hand caused by an “exploding” sparkler.

Hellie Shelton posted the pictures of her dad’s hand which appears to be severely blistered on the palm and scorch-marked on the fingers.

Hellie, from Shelton, from Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, claimed the product was “defective and exploding” and that her father may need a skin graft.

JTF, based in Tuxford, Notts, confirmed yesterday (mon) they had withdrawn some of their sparkler range.

Hellie posted on Monday: “Anyone who has brought Sparklers from JTF they have been recalled do not use.

Hellie posted images of the shocking burns

“They are defective & exploding. This is the result, my Dad’s hand last night [Sunday].”

The gruesome picture shows blistering to the palm and ring finger of his left hand, There are also numerous scorch marks.

Lucy Booth PT responded: “Ohhh that looks nasty.”

Amanda Davis commented: “Oh my gosh. Your poor dad! Hope he is ok hun.”

Liz Stacey said: “OMG that looks bad. Hope he’s alright.”

Tracy Burton commented: “Hope he is ok.”

Hellie later updated her post saying her dad may need to receive a “graft.”

She said: “Going to City [hospital] tomorrow to see if it needs a graft. They just exploded and the metal went hot. It’s happened to quite a few people.

“I just hope people who have brought them and planning to use them tomorrow night see the post before anyone else is hurt.”

JTF confirmed a range of their Turbo sparklers have been recalled.

A spokeswoman said: “We are aware of a small number of incidents regarding Turbo Sparklers, which are widely available across the market.

“We have taken the precautionary steps and issued a product recall directly to our customers, as we are able to identify all who have purchased, whilst we investigate.”

The sparklers have since been withdrawn

Earlier this week, a Lincoln dad said he had never been in “so much pain” after a JTF turbo sparkler exploded in his hands and inflicted third degree burns.

Local news website The Lincolnite reported Myles Charles, 29, burned much of the skin off his hands and that the sparkler was giving off so much heat that it burned through tarmac when he dropped it.

He said: “I have never been in so much pain before in my life. I’ve cut off parts of my finger before but it was nothing like that.

“If you blinked you would have missed it, I think the sparkler probably went up far quicker than petrol would.

“I did not feel anything for the first 30 seconds or so but suddenly I was in absolute agony and could not take my hands out of cold water.

“The only good thing is that my children were not there at the time. I have some strong hands and it caused a lot of damage, I could not imagine what would happen to them.”