Sick yob chucks lit firework into cage full of Guinea Pigs, setting their bed on fire – but pets miraculously escape


A CHILDMINDER has posted pictures of what happened when a yob tossed a lit firework into a cage full of Guinea Pigs.

The pyrotechnic set the pets’ bed on fire but the flames went out before the animals came to any harm.

Owner Clare Stobbart said she felt “sick to the stomach” after discovering the arson attack yesterday morning (tue).

The 39-year-old from Corby, Northamptonshire, was alerted to the burnt out bed in the hutch yesterday morning by one of the children she was looking after.

She kept her five guinea pigs in a two-tiered pen in her garden.

(C) Clare Stobbart

Clare wrote on social media: “So this morning I have come down to this. Some sick individual has let a firework off in my Guinea Pigs’ cage and set their bed on fire.

“I feel sick to the stomach that these evil people actually exist. My poor innocent little babies must have been petrified, I just don’t understand what goes on in people’s heads.”

Clare believes that it is a miracle Rose, Nala, Storm and Strawberry who are all two and Elsa who is five are still alive and didn’t suffer any injuries.

An image she released later shows the guinea pigs together inside her dog’s crate, remarkably unharmed.

Susan Holmes wrote under Clare’s post saying: “So disgusting and evil. How are these people brought up to want to cause suffering to innocent animals.”

Pamela Murray added: “That is wicked poor little babies must have been terrified. It’s a miracle they weren’t badly hurt. Shameful thing to do.”

Alan Irwin said: “Jesus, twisted f***s.”

Sue Garside commented: “Wicked vile sadists. Rot in Hell you b*****s.”

She kept her five guinea pigs in a two-tiered pen in her garden (C) Clare Stobbart

Speaking today Clare said: “The rabbit cage is right next to it too so it would have gone up in flames too. One of my child minding children came in saying ‘Clare there’s something black in the Guinea pig cage’.

“They seem extra nervous but are eating and drinking well so really hope they aren’t too traumatised.

“The vet said that if they were eating and drinking okay and not coughing or having breathing difficulties they wouldn’t need to be seen.”

The five guinea pigs were somehow unharmed from the firework (C) Clare Stobbart

A spokeswoman from Northamptonshire Police said: “This happened between 11pm on 04/11 and 7am yesterday when the unknown offender/s got in via a garden gate and placed a lit firework inside the guinea pig cage.

“The cage has been damaged and the guinea pig was covered in black ash but luckily seems uninjured. Any witnesses should call us.”