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What factors determine breast size and should you get surgery?

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Few things worry a woman more than the size and shape of her breasts. Starting at puberty, the breast tissue starts to grow and develop in response to the sex hormone estrogen that is formed by the ovaries and to a lesser extent, the adrenal glands.

A woman may feel that her breasts are too small or too big, or even that the shape is wrong. It is interesting to know exactly what factors influence the size of the breasts. 

It is thought that breast size is largely due to a combination of both genetic and environmental factors. Genes are particularly important in breast size, which means that much of the size of your breasts is actually inherited from your relatives.

Other factors that are important include your body weight, and since much of the breast tissue is actually made of fat it is easy to understand why breasts tend to enlarge with weight gain.

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Another obvious cause of change in breast size is pregnancy, with hormonal surges often leading to a large increase in the size of a woman’s breasts. This is because the hormones estrogen and progesterone are at higher than normal levels triggering more development of the milk glands and ducts in the breasts in preparation for when the baby is born and needs to breastfeed.

Another factor that impacts breast size is the menstrual cycle and most women find that their breasts swell up and may even ache at some point each month, usually during menstruation; this is also due to hormonal changes that take place.

Any out of the ordinary change in shape, size, and discomfort of the breasts warrants a checkup with a doctor to ensure you are not ill. The presence of a lump in particular needs to be checked out since this can signal breast cancer.

Does breast size and shape really matter?

Breast size can be important if it makes you feel worthless. In addition, breasts that are too large can be difficult to deal with because the extra weight can cause back pain and the woman may feel self-conscious about her breasts.

The shape of breasts is mainly due to genetics and the shape may change as you age. In fact, aging causes tissues to droop, which means that your breasts may no longer be firm and perky. This is something that women may feel bad about. Exercises that target the chest area may help to lift the breasts, but this may not work for everyone and may only provide a little benefit.

Women can also look into getting cosmetic work done on their breasts by visiting places such as the Vera Clinic in Turkey. Breasts can be lifted during cosmetic surgery to give you the return to youth you are looking for. 

Breast reduction surgery is also an option for women who have breasts that they feel are too large. This is also a surgery that is recommended for men who have the condition gynecomastia.

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