Blood bank driver shot at with fireworks in “disgusting” bonfire night attack


A BLOOD bank driver was shot at with fireworks as he made a potentially lifesaving collection on bonfire night.

Alan Stockton was targeted by yobs as he drove in Manchester and was lucky to escape without injury.

The volunteer with Blood Bikes Manchester was collecting blood for the North West Ambulance Service when he was attacked.

Alan took to social media to vent his anger at those responsible.

He wrote: “It’s a blood bike not a f****** target.

Blood bike driver Alan Stockton

“Stop with the aiming fireworks at me as I’m riding will ya.”

Blood Bikes Manchester also hit out at what they called the “disgusting behaviour” of the youths.

They wrote: “We have just had news in from one of our riders who whilst collecting blood for the North West Air Ambulance Charity was targeted by youths firing fireworks at him.

“This is disgusting behaviour which could have led to our rider coming off the motorcycle potentially putting his life in danger and also risking the consignment he was carrying.

“We sincerely hope that none of these youths end up hurt this evening because it would be ironic if we had to transport medical items to save their lives.

“We we will never understand why people target emergency and essential services.”

Alan’s bike “Woody”

Jane Sheriff responded: “These people do not understand or think about consequences. Sad, very.

“Hope the rider is safe and happy to continue to support this invaluable service, it’s nowt to do with needing fireworks to be banned.

“It seems these morons would throw anything at anyone because they can’.”

Laura Barber added: “This makes me cross and sad. Stay safe Blood Bikers. You’re amazing.”

And Rob Rutherford said: “Shocking – hope there’s enough exposure of this event. Come the time of prosecution, hopefully, the charges will be significant.”

Speaking today, the charity’s chairman Paul Redfern said: “I don’t have any more detail other than what’s in the post at the moment. I believe it took place at around 7.30pm.

“I do know the rider had to go back out on another job afterwards.

“There was no report made to the police as far as I’m aware.”