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Harmonize your jewellery with your wardrobe


Different types of jewellery are very important accessories for any woman, especially, one that enjoys a bit of fashion.

Jewellery could be a material witness of history or family patrimony. It can also be the memory of a memorable trip or the present of a loved one.

The jewel is a symbol of durability and everlasting love. 

There is a “golden rule” for wearing jewellery, it is that they must be beautiful and worn with sobriety. The adornments must remain discreet and elegant.

When it comes to shaping the image of ladies, their jewellery is among the most valuable.

Image: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

What matters above all else is your personality and your style. In other words, if you have a strong silhouette, it is perfectly normal to adorn a little more impressive jewellery.

On the contrary, if you are more petite, jewellery will have to be more discreet to remain elegant and original.

In order for the jewels to perform their primary function (to make their owner even more beautiful and majestic), they should above all blend with your clothes and stay in harmony with the accessories you wear, so that the final result is pleasant without a hint of exaggeration.

If you wear brightly coloured jewellery that matches your fashion accessories, your nails will have to be varnished with natural colours or neutral pastels.

Otherwise, it would be really “too much”.

Baltimore jeweler offers large necklaces, which usually fit wonderfully with low-cut dresses, should be accompanied by small earrings whose shades are similar to theirs.

Otherwise, you risk falling into the unenviable area of ??non-elegance.

If wearing jewellery with your hair up, complimented by a luxurious evening dresses with a plunging neckline (whose notch starts at the chest), opting for large dangling earrings might go very well with the outfit and definitely turn a few heads.

It is not recommended to wear very colourful jewellery with clothes that are also colourful. Opt for discreet earrings and pearl-style bracelets, which are suitable for all assortments. If you must choose a colour, then choose the one that is already dominant in your clothes.

The pearls will always remain unique, modern and elegant ornaments, which will complement the assortments of white or black.

In general, black and white clothing will allow you to wear all kinds of jewellery, as long as they remain with the rest of your accessories and are available at Baltimore jeweller.

In this case, you can even afford some fantasies, such as varnished nail colour jewellery, which will give you a look chic look. 

Gold and silver are sure values ??that will find their place in a multitude of assortments and sets, such as white and black clothes, crochet and knitting clothes, or even embroidery, not to mention the beautiful wedding dresses.

All of these and more are available at the jeweler in Baltimore at reasonable rates!