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Things to know about mountaineer racetrack and horse racing shows


The United States of America never goes out of legendary racing fields where notable horse racing takes place each year.

Each field does not only showcase a perfect ambience to saddle up for all racers, but they also come with casinos and resorts where bettors will have a better opportunity to gamble and earn money.

West Virginia, with Charleston as its capital city, is one of the states in America, which is surrounded by many famous historical parks.

It is also known as the home Potomac River which meets the beautiful river of Shenandoah. The state does not only come with old-age museums, but it also shows a tree-covered place that lies in the eastern part of the US continent.

Given that West Virginia comes with significant architectural landmarks, one of the best horse racing fields is situated in this state. Mountaineer Racetrack is a horse racing field, casino, and resort that holds an annual horse racing competition.

Image: Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

There are mainly four graded stakes in this field where it attracts many bettors like other races you may have known.

Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack, and Casino lie in New Cumberland, West Virginia. It opened its doors on May 19, 1951, paving the way to many thoroughbred horse racing games in history.

The establishment is owned and operated by Eldorado Resorts that still continues to serve and manage the said racing park up until today.

Moving forward to its rich history, Mountaineer Park does not only hold horse racing tournaments, but they also come up with 50 tables for all casino table gambling games.

It includes roulette, three card poker, and blackjack. It is why many esteemed bettors come and visit this place because of the high-rewarding gambling games that it offers.

Going back to the horse racing field of Mountaineer Racetrack, the racing field comes in a full dirt track. The overall running distance measured around the one-mile oval.

There is also a turf course inside the field, which measures around seven furlongs. Aside from that, the casino inside Mountaineer Racetrack comes with 3200 slot machines.

In line with the schedule of horse racing events, Mountaineer Racetrack is considered to have the most strenuous horse racing scheduled compared to other parks.

Way back in 2012, the racing field holds around 212 schedules racing games, which offers bigger purse prizes compared to other horse racing events in the country.

Given that Mountaineer Racetrack comes with a perfect place to saddle up and bet, many fans around the world love to visit this place and get the chance to gamble.

So, if you are one of those avid horse racing fans, here are the four largest horse racing games you can look forward to in this famous horse racing field.

West Virginia Derby

West Virginia Derby is the largest horse racing showdown that takes place annually in Mountaineer Racetrack. It is celebrated during the first week of August every year.

The said racing showdown was established in 1923, where three-year-old thoroughbreds compete in a dirt track under Grade 3 Stakes racing showdown.

The running distance measures around one ? mile and each winning horse racers can win up to $500, 000.

West Virginia Governor’s Stakes

The West Virginia Governor’s Stakes is part of the West Virginia Derby. It takes place on the same day where qualified racers will still compete in Grade 3 stakes.

Only three-year-old colts are eligible to join the event, and each of them runs a long dirt track distance, which measures around one ? mile. The winning horse racer can take home a prize amounting to $200, 000.

Mountaineer Mile

Mountaineer Mile is also one of the notable races to look forward to in Mountaineer Racetrack. The same with other horse racing events, it only accepts horse racers ageing three-years-old and up.

The betting games that this racing event may not come as huge as other races, but it offers prizes once you partake.

West Virginia Senate President’s Cup

The West Virginia Senate President’s Cup takes place a day after the West Virginia Derby. It differs from the three races mentioned above because only fillies and mares are allowed to compete in the said event.

The winning horse racer can expect a purse prize amounting to $75, 000.

Horse racing events are undoubtedly one of the most celebrated sports betting games in history. It is because the betting games come in more extensive categories, and bettors can always see different choices where to gamble and how much they would like to earn.

Aside from that, horse racing competition comes all-year-round, unlike other betting sports you might know.

Hence, Mountaineer Racetrack is one of those horse racing fields you should not miss when visiting. They do not only offer horse racing shows, but they also can give several games you can ultimately gamble.