Science teacher at top school goes viral after setting homework which demands: “Imagine you’re a sperm cell.”


A TOP school has delighted the internet by setting homework in which pupils have to image they are a sperm cell.

Northampton School for Boys, whose former pupils include actor Matt Smith, then tasked students with writing a job application to fertilise an egg.

The bizarre task was set by the state-funded academy school, which regularly tops county exam league tables, for 11- and 12-year-olds studying science.

The sister of a pupil at the school was so amused by the task she shared pictures on social media.

The law student, who uses the Twitter handle @_tasniiaa, posted: “Look at the homework my brother gets.” He replied: “I’m only in year seven.”

Ridwans text to his sister

Pictures show that science teacher Amy Steele sent her pupils home with the creative writing task last week.

The task begins by telling students: “Imagine you are a sperm cell”.

It goes on: “Write a letter of application for the job of fertilising the egg. Address your letter to the egg. Make sure you sell yourself.”

The assignment finishes up by stating it must include “some scientific content” and that humour is “optional.”

@ggukiemoster responded online: “Creased.”

Olivia Watson added: “Wtf ahah.”

@_NiceGuy_ replied: “Teacher’s just doing this to have a laugh.”

Twitter user @muddu_21 tweeted the above, making a pun out of the homework.

And @muddu_21 said: “If I was given this homework, I would’ve egg celled at it.”

The post even inspired one user to have ago at the assignment.

@madmogs25 wrote: “Dear egg,

“I am writing to you, to apply for the position of embryo. Which after a 3 month trial period will become a full time position of foetus for the following 6 months.

“I accept that the terms of the contract will allow for immediate dismissal or termination of my contract.

“I’d like to describe some off the qualifications I have. I graduated from the university of teste with a zygote in Y chromosome.

“I also excelled in most classes and received an extra chromosome which has come to me being regarded as extra special.

“I look forward to your acceptance of my application and our future conception of work.

“Sincerely, Mr sperm.”

Other former pupils at the school include Francis Crick, who discovered the structure of DNA, and England rugby player Courtney Lawes.