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The pros and cons of Tonal

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Nowadays, people have been sighing about gym membership fees and how it is not worth it since some of them can’t go regularly, especially those who are always busy with their jobs.

With the newly established norm of working out in the comforts of home, countless companies have been analyzing new and more efficient ways to work out in your home with their invented exercise machines and pieces of equipment.

With the sheer numbers of new methods and workout machines on the rise in the market recently, it’s no surprise that people would be confused as to which tool is best in terms of efficiency and results. 

Among the growing ranks of unique options available to each individual, Tonal, which is a startup company that is based in California, is making the buzz lately, is boasting its all-in-one home system that helps you evaluate your body and determines which workout would be best for the person.

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What is Tonal?

Launched last summer, Tonal offers a digital strength training routine and accompanying video for $2996 plus payment for a monthly subscription. Basically, Tonal looks like a large vertical screen that you can attach to a wall.

Beside the screen are two arms of a weight machine that you can hold on to and can be stowed away whenever you choose to.

Tonal uses digital weight to provide strength evaluation and training routine for the user. The screen will then show you workout routines and methods on the screen to accompany you or teach the user the basics.

If you want more out of this machine, you can add extras in your order like Smart bars, Smart handles, rope, bench, mat, and a roller.

Tonal’s digital screen, in which it shows training videos and its capability to use digital weights are what makes Tonal stand out among the rest of its competitors.

How Does It Work?

Upon trying Tonal for the first time, it will employ a practice work out in which it will evaluate your strength as a person.

It will then make plans and training routines, as well as the schedule for the user. You could also choose the schedule of the workout if you want to, as well as guide the machine to make a routine for your specific goals.

Tonal will record and store your personal data points if you want to know the progress. You could also use it with the help of your personal trainer if you want to.

In terms of setting up, the company will send out a trained technician to install the machine for you. The requirement for the instalment is that you will need to have 16” studs in your home as well as a good WiFi connection.

If you move your residence, you could also call for a technician to move the machine for you. Take note that the installation is not free. It is required for you to have a technician install it for you, and it is worth $250.

Tonal is a costly investment. The initial package is worth $2995, and it doesn’t include the bench, mat, or any of the aforementioned accessories. Also, you will need to subscribe to the training videos that will be put up on the screen for at least 12 months for only $49.


Tonal has a variety of workout features like spotters and chains, which is excellent and makes it more dynamic when compared to other home gym equipment.

The machine also provides different workout schedules that are most compatible with the user. It offers a ton of varieties, like when you need an extended workout schedule for the holidays or regular training at a specific time of the day.

In terms of usage, the machine is user-friendly and is very easy to use because of its intuitive interface. If you are worried about its learning curve in terms of practicality and usage, there is no need to worry.

Having a personal training coach has its own perks like more hands-on training, having a workout buddy, and especially having someone to watch your movements to perfect your form while working out.

Tonal offers an excellent job in tackling your actions and form in training and will point out your mishaps with its interactive platform.

Not only all of the aforementioned pros are good to hear, but they are also not all Tonal offers. Arguably the best feature of Tonal is its ability to update its system, including employing newer and more efficient methods and the latest workout routines for a fit lifestyle.


Tonal is pretty expensive for a piece of machinery. Not only is its base price is costly enough, but the monthly subscription and the additional costs for the other accessories will also give you a headache.

Of course, there are options that you can avail to lower its price, like opting not to include the other accessories, but that will make the experience limited to the user.

Another thing is that home gym equipment can’t really be compared to the real thing in the gym. If you are planning to compete in strength sports or want to push a lot of weights, then the 200 pounds of magnetic resistance that the machine offers can be not much of a challenge.


Tonal, in its primary sense, is an interactive workout home-based machine that makes workout routines and gives the user an efficient schedule for exercising for effective results.

It does an excellent job in terms of efficiency and instruction, as the results it gave on other users do not lie. If the machine is not effective at all, it will not create a buzz as much as today. 

At the end of the day, home gym equipment is only a substitute for the health or gym. Nothing beats the real equipment and its efficiency in terms of results and effectiveness. Now that we have weighed down the Tonal pros and cons, you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

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