Thursday, July 7, 2022
NewsBoy, 3, takes Henry Hoover obsession to new level - by having...

Boy, 3, takes Henry Hoover obsession to new level – by having him in his first school picture

A LITTLE boy has taken his obsession with Henry Hoover to a new level – by appearing with him in his official school photo.

A gorgeous picture shows Luke Quigley-Meenan posing in his school uniform while accompanied by his favourite vacuum cleaner.

The three-year-old cannot do anything or go anywhere without Henry Hoover by his side.

Mum Sharon recently received samples of Luke’s first school picture. Luke’s 18-year-old brother, Oran, posted the picture with the caption: “Wee bro is absolutely obsessed with Henry hoover.

Oran uploaded the picture of his brother onto Twitter.

“It’s madness -first school photo picture and had to get it in. Hahahaha hilarious.”

@MadBeare wrote under Oran’s post: “A wee legend.”

@kayleighward112 added: “Naw this is the cutest hahaha.”

@krabbyhannah commented tagging the company who made Henry Hoover, Numatic, saying: “Give this little lad a job.”

And @Kirstyoung12 wrote: “That is hilarious.”

Orans brother takes his Henry Hoovers everywhere he goes.

Speaking today, Sharon said: “The Henry obsession began about a year and a half ago.

“Luke wasn’t settling into playgroup too well so Henry went with him everyday. It was the lady who works at the playgroup suggested Henry got into the school photo and of course Luke was delighted.”

She added: “Luke goes everywhere – from the park, school, to trips on buses – Luke would have the big Henry but I cross the line walking to the park with a big Henry so wee Henry goes.

“Henry is expecting Santa to bring a blue, yellow and green hoover for Christmas. Luke can’t hold a conversation with you without mentioning Henry or what adventure Henry and him are going on next.”

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