Saturday, August 13, 2022
NewsHilarious moment biker gets so absorbed covering machine he films himself clattering...

Hilarious moment biker gets so absorbed covering machine he films himself clattering into lamppost

HILARIOUS video shows a motorcyclist lay himself flat on his back after carefully covering his bike – and then walking into a lamppost.

Nathan Ingram’s helmet camera was running when he was involved in what he called his “first motorbike accident”.

The 29-year-old films himself lovely pulling a cover over his bike in Putney, southwest London, on Sunday.

He is so absorbed in his task that he does not realise how close he parked to a lamppost.

The helmet camera catches the priceless moment he walks into the post with a sickening clang and is propelled backwards.

Nathan’s legs and arms comically come into shot as he lands on his back.

Saved from any serious harm by his helmet, he quickly picks himself up and gets straight back to covering his bike.

The South African posted his clip to Facebook later that day jokingly saying: “I had my first motorbike accident today.”

Nathan posted the video on Facebook and has since gone viral. Image: Nathan Ingram

Riaan Scholtz responded: “So important to wear your protective gear.”

Louise Jacobs added: “Now that’s what I call losing your head.”

Martin Senekal wrote: “Make sure you go get checked out at A&E.”

Colin Cookson said: “I love the way he gets up and checks the cover again.”

Zak Swann added: “Not what I was expecting.”

Kesha-Lee Blackman wrote: “How he pretended to just keep fixing the cover.”

Nathan today said that he didn’t realise his camera was still rolling.

Nathan was confused as to what had happened at first. Image: Nathan Ingram

He said: “I parked my bike, I was locking it up [and] put [the] cover over, and was still looking at my bike when I started walking away. My go pro camera was still recording. I hadn’t turned it off yet.

“I didn’t know what hit me until I was on the ground looking up at the lamppost. Luckily I was still wearing my motorbike helmet.

“I posted it to my local motorbike group on Facebook I had no idea it would go viral. It’s got over 27000 shares.”

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