Total strangers step in to save lad’s 18th birthday celebration after he was let down by mates


A TEENAGER’S 18th birthday disaster was turned around by two kind-hearted strangers who stepped in to celebrate with him.

Jake Murray spent £25 a head on tickets to see a band in Newcastle for his 18th birthday only for his mates to pull out.

But Jake’s faith in humanity was restored when he put the spare tickets to see Catfish and the Bottlemen up for sale.

Buyers Adam Mavin and Kyle Dobson were so upset to hear about Jake’s disappointment they decided to invite him along.

So Jake got to see the band at The Utilita Arena in the company of Adam and Kyle, both 23, and enjoyed beers with them before and after the gig.

The tweet highlights what the two done for the young lad.

In one photo a delighted Jake is seen posing between his new found friends.

In another, taken in the crowd, Adam is seen ruffling Jake’s hair as he poses open mouthed with excitement.

Following the successful evening, Adam decided to share the experience online.

He posted the photos with the caption: “Lad we bought tickets off for catfish last night was let down by his mates on his 18th birthday.

“So instead of spending it alone we took him under our wing.”

“Happy birthday and hope you enjoyed a pint!”

The post, which has since clocked up more than 37,000 likes has earned praise from social media users.

@madsxgrace wrote: “awwww I love this.”

Jordan Davies added: “That’s class tbf.”

Maya Mac said: “Nicest thing I’ve ever seen.”

And Sophie Dixon replied: “This is just amazing.”

Twitter users applauded the two for their actions.

Speaking today, green keeper Adam said: “Basically I bought some tickets off Twitter, the young lad called Jake.

“We met him and got talking and he explained that he was there on his own and he was turning 18 at 12pm.

“So we told him to just stay with us. He was quite shy, but who wouldn’t be to be honest.

“We took him for a few beers in Newcastle before the gig, then we watched it and put a drunk Jake back on his train home afterwards.

“I’m quite surprised by the reaction to it, but for me it was just the normal thing to ask him to stay with us.

“Me and my mates are quite a welcoming group of people.

“We’ve told him we will meet for a pint someday in the near future.”