Rescue chicken and donkey melt internet’s heart after they become best of friends


HEART-melting video shows a donkey and a rescue chicken who have become the very best of friends.

Wee Hen has taken to perching on top of Winnie because her donkey pal is nice and warm and she’s not too keen on the coop.

Wee Hen was recently rescued from a chicken farm by Andie Millar and now lives at the Greenacres Riding Cente, near Irvine, North Ayrshire.

Andie posted his clips of the unlikely pair on social media, writing: “One of our rescue battery hens has decided to become one of my donkey’s best friends – even perching on Winnies back to keep her wee feet warm.”

The video shows Wee Hen roosting on Winnie’s back inside the stable. She is then seen standing on the donkey’s back and giving a low clucking noise.

The video finally shows Wee Hen perched on the stables next to Winnie who affectionately moves her head towards Wee Hen.

The video has left many in the comment falling in love with the duo.

Yasmyn White said: “Look how adorable this pair are.”

Kathi MacDonald added: “This is completely adorable.”

Wee Hen with new best pal Winnie

Emma Boyd wrote: “This is the best thing I’ve seen all week.”

Catherine Ferguson said: “Beautiful.”

Alison Kaye wrote: “How adorable! So heartwarming to see, thanks for sharing.”

Andie today said: “We take in between 20-30 ex battery hens a year to live out their life at Greenacres Riding Centre, free range, some don’t like to go into the coop at night, share stables with horses, but these two have forged a friendship.

“This last lot of battery hens came last month or so, so since then, we try to keep them in the coop, but as I say, some – I think having being caged for so long – like the freedom and live in the stables.

The unlikely duo have melted the internet’s heart

“It’s been getting colder, so I think Wee Hen has decided that Winnie’s warm back is a perfect perch.

“I’ve never seen a chicken and a donkey so close, first time I seen Wee Hen perched up on Winnie’s back, I thought one of my staff done it, but there was only myself working, I got told once that a chicken won’t lay with cold feet… so what’s warmer than a donkey’s back?”