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Discount Codes – a must of modern marketing for Shopping Websites

Are you wondering how big brands achieve success? What is the most important element that allows them to distinguish between many other companies that offer similar products or services? A key element is to correctly select marketing tools. Without a doubt, in the contemporary market, coupons and discount codes are the most effective. This is the reason why big brands such as Amazon, eBay and Groupon offers daily coupon codes to their customers?

How do discount codes work?

The coupon code is a series of letters, numbers or a password used by a brand, thanks to which customers receive a discount. The voucher codes also named promotional coupons really allow you to greatly reduce the cost of products or services. Its amount depends on the current campaign that is carried out and can range from 10% to 70%.

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In addition, the company determines which products are in promotion. This affects the incentive of sales, for example, when the selected items enjoy less popularity. Statistically promotions over the 20% encourages the customer purchase. In some cases, promotional codes include free delivery and in addition, coupons can be used for new or regular customers. Most of them, however, are available to everyone.

How can the customer receive a promotional code?

Information about discount codes can be placed directly on the store or company website. The best place that can be used to show coupons is the banners at the top of the page, thanks to which the information reaches each client. Discount codes can also be placed in brand profiles on social networks. One of the best ways now is to offer an exclusive voucher code that authorizes the discount for followers on Facebook or Instagram.

Customers can also get promotional coupons on discount code websites, such as, the official website of a romanian company active in more than fifteen european markets, including United Kingdom and Ireland. All current discounts can be found at To obtain the code, you do not need to register or meet special conditions, it is available to anyone who has access to the network.

When are the discount codes valid?

It all depends on the shopping store that offers the discount codes. From a marketing point of view, the lowest discounts from 5% to 20% can be last for a long time. Discounts of 50% up to 70% usually work for a maximum of 48 hours. This is a tactical marketing operation, useful for two reasons:it influences fast customer decisions and an instant purchase, then it does not burden on the financial liquidity of the company due to prices of products reduced too low.

Discounts and rebates – Benefits for the company.

Discount codes are an advantage not only for customers, but especially for the brand. Thanks to discounts, a friendly relationship is built between the company and the final consumer. Promotional vouchers affect the positive reception of the brand and make it stand out in the minds of customers. What else, these issues greatly influence the future decision of the client. When the user faces a decision related to the choice of products, he chooses those he knows and with whom he fits well.

Promotional Codes are definitely a multifaceted marketing tool that can bring huge benefits at various levels of commerce. This is the key to success that every company should use.

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