Long-haul Tui customer served popcorn and crisps after shelling out extra £500 for premium seat


A FURIOUS Tui passenger has complained that he paid an extra £500 to upgrade his inflight meals – and got popcorn and crisps.

Three months before flying, James Howe ordered a gluten-free meal for his 10-hour return flight from his honeymoon in Cancun to Gatwick.

But James, who suffers from coeliac disease, was told after take off that there was no three course, gluten-free meal available.

Desperate cabin crew even checked the captain’s meal to see if it could be safely served up to James.

The 39-year-old and his new wife, Claire, from Watford, Herts, spent £5,500 on the break, paying £1,000 extra for premium seats because it was their honeymoon.

James headed straight to Costa for a gluten free wrap once he touched down

After the flight on October 18, a furious James took to Facebook page to complain to Tui, who claim online their catering offers an “abundance of choice”.

He posted a photo of himself posing with the paltry snacks with the caption: “Thanks Tui, this was the gluten free meal option given in premium flight on our at home from Mexico.

“Popcorn and crisps to get me through 10+ hours. Fabulous way to end our lovely honeymoon.”

He added; “People beware if you book a meal ‘they are subject to availability and nothing is guaranteed.’

“Well sorry I won’t be booking another holiday with you and advising anyone to go anywhere near a Tui shop.”

James’ condition means he suffers bloating, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain if gluten is consumed.

Speaking today, he said: “I had pre-booked gluten free food as celiac when I booked my holiday in July.

“My flight from Gatwick to cancun was fine my meal was ready and nice. My flight back however – nothing.

James was unimpressed with the gluten free “meal” he was offered

“When food was coming round they had no indication of my needs. There were gluten meals on board, as other passengers had some. As we had already taken off, there was nothing the crew could do.

“The crew at one point brought out all the captain’s food to read the packaging, but none of this was suitable. They could see how hungry I was.”

His post sparked condemnation from fellow social media users.

Lara Williams wrote: “That’s terrible!”

Kelly Wombwell added: “Awful James.”

And Emma Roberts said: “Disgusting, how can large companies like this provide such poor service?”

Tui state on their website that “a standard meal is included” on long haul flights.

They also boast of the variety available on boarding, saying: “On board, you can enjoy our offer of hot and cold drinks, (non-)alcoholic drinks, sandwiches, snacks…

“You can choose what you want to eat or drink and there’s an abundance of choice.”

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition where the body mistakenly attacks substances found inside gluten, causing inflammation of the small intestine.