Friday, May 20, 2022
BusinessScots feel guilty more than 72 times a month

Scots feel guilty more than 72 times a month

Scots feel remorse for something around 18 times per week, adding up to a whopping 938 shameful occasions each year, according to a new survey published today.

A poll of 2,000 people by Bright & Beautiful identified those in the capital as having 39% more guilt per month than their Scottish neighbours. In comparison, adults in Northern Ireland and Wales appear to have a slightly less guilty conscience with only 69 and 63 thoughts a month respectively.

Some of the top reasons people in Scotland feel guilty every day include being late (30%), failing to recycle properly (28%) and cancelling plans at the last minute (26%).

And another 24% feel guilty for passing a homeless person on the street and not giving them any money.

Others admitted to feeling remorseful after buying something in a plastic bottle or fruit and veg in a plastic bag.

Sue Moore of Bright & Beautiful, said: “Guilt is a strange feeling that makes us do strange things. Some things we end up feeling guilty about are really no big deal, while others can have bigger repercussions.

Other top guilt-triggers for the Scots include 22% who stress out over putting the heating on.

Around a quarter confess to forgetting special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays and 36% can’t stand wasting food.

Nearly six in 10 adults, however, believe they’re likely to make changes to their lifestyle if the guilt gets too strong.

And 24% feel the same way after procrastinating too much and putting off an important task.

Over a tenth admit they secretly snack on chocolate that’s meant to be for their kids – only to be consumed with guilt afterwards.

Just under two in five also feel guilty about their lack of action when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, 81% cent believe everybody needs to do more to cut back on plastic usage in all areas of their lives.

So far, 71% of adults in Scotland have pledged to do just this, according to the OnePoll research.

Sue Moore added: “It’s easy to use things like non-recyclable plastic because it’s so easily available.

“As a professional domestic housekeeping business, we pride ourselves on doing good for the planet by reducing our plastic use and using non-toxic chemicals where possible. If everyone does their bit, together we can make the world’s resources last much longer.”


Wasting food – 36%
Being impatient – 33%
Being late – 30%
Not recycling properly – 28%
Buying chocolate – 26%
Cancelling last minute on friends – 26%
Buying something in a plastic bottle – 26%
Forgetting a special occasion such as birthday or anniversary – 24%
Passing a homeless person but not giving them any money – 24%
Procrastinating – 24%
Buying new clothes when you’re meant to be saving – 24%
Running the tap for longer than needed – 22%
Putting/ keeping the heating on – 22%
Buying snacks packed in non-recyclable materials (crisps) – 22%
Talking about someone behind their back – 21%
Driving somewhere you could easily have walked – 21%
Leaving the lights in a room when you aren’t in there – 18%
Using wet wipes instead of cloths – 18%
Buy fruit and veg packaged in plastic – 16%
Eating your children’s chocolate – 13%

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