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Using social media analytics and monitoring to make informed marketing decisions


If your business or brand has a social media presence, then you will need to use social media analysis to improve your marketing strategy as well as achieve your goals.

Social media analytics gathers information and data across the social media landscape to help you identify the trends on different networks, high performing content, and how practical your company’s social media activities are.

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Calculating ROI 

Using social media analysis helps you measure your social media marketing activities’ ROI. Having an analysis of how many people you’ve reached, the interactions and approach towards your brand will help you to determine whether or not your activities have reached the right customers.

If your social media analysis results are negative, you should look for new or improved marketing tactics. Social media analytics and social media monitoring will also provide you with insights on how to improve your social media activities and marketing campaigns.

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Understanding Your Target Market

Social media analytics and social media monitoring will also help you to understand your target market and hence, improve your strategy on social media. For your business to establish a strong social media presence, you will need to get to the right audience on the right platform. 

Creating Attractive Content

Having compelling content will help you engage your customers effectively. However, you will first need to understand your target, and this is where social media analytics comes in. Performing an analysis will help you identify the people who interact and relate to your content.

By analyzing the social media results, you will know which platforms will deliver your ROI hence saving you time and effort that you would have otherwise invested into channels where your content won’t be seen.

You will also be able to come up with better content that is engaging and captures the attention of your audience hence bringing you clients. You will get to know the type of content to focus on entirely and which ones to let go or make changes.

Showing Where Your Business Niche Is Headed

Apart from providing information on the current state of your business, social media analytics and social media monitoring will also give you insights on where your industry is heading. This is done by monitoring the needs of your audience, analyzing the feedback and discussions around your business field, and also identifying the improvements that your customers would add to your service or product.

Your customers are the ones who shape your business, and if you provide products or services that do not meet their needs, they will seek other alternatives. Customers’ feedback will give you an idea of where your industry is going and getting them before your competitors will make you a leader in your industry and hence increase your sales.

Improving Marketing Strategy

Measuring your marketing activities on social media will place you in a better position to improve them. Social media analytics and social media monitoring are vital to your marketing strategy seeing that social media networks are always changing.

You will need to keep up with such changes since even the tiniest of changes in the algorithms of the social networks could lead to adverse effects on your social media presence.

With social media analysis, you could prevent these changes from negatively impacting your social media presence. You will also be able to differentiate seasonal changes from real ones.

About Netbase

NetBase is a successful social media analytics platform that is used by leading companies across the world to connect with customers, establish businesses, and run brands. The platform manages a ton of social media posts on a daily basis to give businesses actionable insights for customer service, PR, sales, product innovation, and marketing research.