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What can air conditioner do?

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Of course, the main task of any air conditioner is air cooling. In fact, they do it in a very efficient manner – an average air conditioner produces about 3 kW of cold per kilowatt of consumed electricity!

There is no violation of the laws of nature here, since energy is not spent on creating cold itself, but on transferring it from the street to the room.

Most modern air conditioners can cool air to + 17-18 C. If you want it to be even cooler, simply get under the air stream coming from the air conditioner – its temperature is 10-12 degrees lower than the one you set on the remote control.

In addition, high mobility makes the air in the room seem even colder. That is why the illusion of coolness can be created with a fan or by moving fast in a car. However, you need to be careful – you can easily catch a cold.

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In addition to pleasant cooling, most modern air conditioners can also heat the air. In the vast majority of cases, they use the so-called heat pump. In reality, there is no pump in the air conditioner – in this mode, it cools the street and heats the room.

With outdoor temperatures above – 10 C, such heating is very effective. For every kilowatt of electricity, you can get from 2.5 to 3.5 kW of heat. The colder it is outside, the less heat the appliance produces.

In addition, the wear of the appliance at low temperatures increases many times. The lubricant gets denser, it loses its properties, and “the heart” of the air conditioner – compressor – inexorably moves towards a “heart attack”.

But if you really want to bask near the air conditioner in a fierce cold, you can buy a model with electric heating.

In wintertime, the compressor of such air conditioners “goes on vacation”, and heating element comes in creating pleasant heat. They consume much electricity, but they will also warm you in any weather.


Most modern air conditioners have only one electrostatic air filter. It protects our lungs and the heat exchanger of the indoor unit from dust, poplar fluff and other debris flying in the air.

Air filter does not require replacement; however, it needs to be washed in warm water or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner from time to time.

Otherwise there will be poor air circulation, air conditioner will not cool the air properly, and modern air conditioners will display an error code.

You need to remember that all manufacturers have different error codes, so Fujitsu ac error codes will differ from Samsung air conditioners error codes.

Fine filters capable of blocking smallest particles of dust, plant pollen, odors, and cigarette smoke are not included in the standard package of many models and need to be purchased separately.

Manufacturers try to make sure that users correctly change or clean filters so they write instructions on their official websites.


In addition to cooling and heating the air, all modern air conditioners are capable of lowering the humidity in the air. By lowering the temperature of the air, they remove excess humidity.

When the air entering the room flows around cold evaporator, it makes water condensate on its surface. And it is the right thing to do! With high humidity, breathing becomes more difficult and heat affects us more.

In fact, all modern models of aircons feature a “dry” mode. This is when the air temperature remains almost unchanged, but humidity decreases.

However, this mode will not help if the apartment or cottage has a swimming pool. This will require the use of special drying machines.

Fan mode

The fan mode provides neither cooling nor heating, but it activates circulation and purification of the air in the room (if the appliance has appropriate filters).

In this mode, the compressor and the fan of the outdoor unit stay turned off while the fan of the indoor unit operates at the speed set with the remote control.

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